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Corporate and Consumer Insolvency

Whether you’re looking to help your business overcome financial challenges or an individual experiencing overwhelming debt, our professionals can help you regain control of your finances. 

Effective solutions for your financial challenges

Financial difficulties are an all too common experience for Canadian businesses and individuals. But while these stressful situations can often seem dire, there are almost always opportunities for a positive resolution. The key is accessing help early to ensure you have the most options to recover and regain control.

With a network of more than 50 Licensed Insolvency Trustees and 200 locations across the country, MNP LTD is one of Canada’s largest and leading corporate and consumer insolvency firms. Our government licensed debt experts can help you understand the underlying causes of your financial difficulties, provide an unbiased perspective of your best path forward, and administer legal proceedings to address unsustainable debt.

We also offer a range of related services for creditors — and to act as a mediator, executor, liquidator, and class action claims administrator.

Corporate Recovery and Restructuring  

When a business falters, you want to know your options and the best course of action as soon as possible. Our Corporate Insolvency team is responsive to your needs and can help you overcome your financial challenges with strategies that align with your expectations and meet stakeholders’ expectations.

Consumer Insolvency 

You don’t have to face financial uncertainty, harassing phone calls, and the challenge of maneuvering through unmanageable debt alone. You have options. MNP Licensed Insolvency Trustees deliver personalized, life-changing debt solutions to help you get the financial fresh start you deserve.

Contact Our Corporate and Consumer Insolvency Team

Grant Bazian, LIT, CIRP is the President of MNP’s Insolvency Practice. Based in Vancouver, Grant oversees all areas of MNP’s Corporate and Consumer insolvency services from inception to completion, including bankruptcies, receiverships, proposals, CCAAs, business reviews, viability assessments, liquidations, and agency appointments. He also liaises with all MNP Licensed Insolvency Trustees on marketing, professional development, best practices, policies, procedures and expansion.

With over 23 years of experience, Grant has worked on many diverse projects, including forensic accounting engagements, forensic audits, dispute consultation, calculation of business interruption losses and shareholder disputes. He has also worked in a wide variety of industries, including retail, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing, airlines, marine, recreational, trucking, mechanics, home building, contracting, real estate, pharmaceutical, hospitality, entertainment, property management and diamond production.

Grant earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta and an Honours Accounting Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is also a Government Licensed Insolvency Trustee and holds his Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals designation.