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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

MNP is a proudly made in Canada firm. For more than 60 years, our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has spanned our entire firm and is woven into our values, culture and business strategy. We have watched this nation grow and mature - inviting people from all backgrounds to pursue their dreams and create a prosperous life. Over that time, our firm has also grown significantly. Extending from the smallest rural communities to the largest metropolitan centres, every region we serve and every person we connect with offers valuable perspectives, insights, wisdom and values that make our business stronger.

What we stand for

With offices from coast to coast, our team members are as diverse as the communities where we live and work. We have made it our business to welcome all who reflect the fabric of our strong cultural mosaic. Each team member contributes unique gifts and points of view which ensure our clients feel understood, embraced and represented in the work we facilitate. Diversity, equity and inclusion helps to make MNP as strong and vibrant as the nation we call home.

  • Our Journey

    We believe that bringing together people with unique perspectives from diverse backgrounds creates a collaborative, innovative and diverse workplace that inspires team members to perform at their highest level. We understand there is no single path toward an inclusive workplace, nor is there a clear destination. The social and cultural makeup of our national and local communities is constantly changing. With new people come new points of view and new opportunities to see and do things differently — to embrace our differences and develop our business and human capital.

  • Our Values

    Regardless of who we are, where we're from or what we believe, everyone at MNP shares one thing in common. We are an organization of deeply held convictions and uncompromising values - from executive leadership to all team members. These foundational tenants are transcendent and instrumental to our firm's success. Everyone at MNP is committed to conducting themselves with humility and respect, delivering quality client service and acting with integrity. Equally, everyone at MNP values diversity. That's non-negotiable. It's embedded in the fabric of who we are.

  • Our Culture

    It's one thing to declare that diversity, equity and inclusion are important. Quite another to realize their practical expression. Diversity, equity and inclusion reach far beyond tolerance and accommodation. It is a process of seeking and finding the right person for every role — actively pursuing team members and clients who represent different ages, cultures, religions, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and lifestyles. And then amplifying the strengths these differences naturally afford to reinforce the core structure of our business. That doesn't mean merely acknowledging the qualities that make people unique. It means celebrating them, too. By surrounding everyone with an atmosphere of empathy and respect, we empower our team members to contribute the best of their whole selves every day — not just in work but in life.

  • From Diversity to Inclusion

    Supporting a diverse workforce has paved our success in solving complex and challenging business issues. Though most of us share a few things in common and a few of us may share a lot in common, we'd be wrong to deny the uniqueness of any single team member. Some differences may be more visible or more pronounced, but every single person offers something nobody else can. From diversity to inclusion, our differences make us a stronger firm. We celebrate our people: rural, urban, multi-generational, introverted, extroverted, visual, kinesthetic, practical, conceptual, athletic, artistic, differently abled, various sexualities and genders — and everything in between. Through an open-door policy, our aim is to engage our people to excel in everything they do. Whether that means creating unique career opportunities, offering specific training and professional development, enabling alternative work arrangements or simply taking the time to listen, learn and understand — our diversity, equity and inclusion framework is as flexible as it needs to be to ensure every angle is considered, every viewpoint is heard and every individual feels empowered to deliver value in a way they can.

  • MNP Today

    While we are proud of the progress we've made in nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace over the past six decades, we acknowledge it is a journey. Understanding where we are today is integral to our success as a top employer across Canada and in creating an environment where everyone feels respected, embraced and supported. The efficacy of our diversity, equity and inclusion framework requires continually reviewing our workplace demographics. Our framework empowers our team members by providing a meaningful and respectful environment for all clients, co-workers and stakeholders in the community.

Celebrating Diversity at MNP

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Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business PAR Certification

MNP is proud to hold a Bronze level certification within the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program. The PAR certification confirms corporate performance in Indigenous relations and recognizes companies who are committed to being good business partners with Indigenous-owned businesses, recognize the value that Indigenous people bring to the workplace, and who promote the potential of Indigenous communities.

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Canadian Armed Forces Reservists

We are proud to be recognized as a certified supporter of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council’s initiative, With Glowing Hearts.


Employers Supporting Reservists - Logo

Canadian Museum of Human Rights (CMHR)

We are one of the original financial donors of the world’s first museum dedicated to human rights. The CMHR is centered around the idea that respect and understanding of human rights can serve as a positive force for change in the world. Our donation supports the museum’s exciting public programming, educational opportunities and new exhibitions.


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CEO Pledge to Close the Digital Divide

MNP is proud to join the CEO Pledge to Close the Digital Divide — a joint effort, initiated by Microsoft Canada, among some of Canada's leading businesses to commit their used technology to the Government of Canada's Computers for Schools Plus program. By donating MNP’s used computers, we support digital inclusion by providing access to technology for young Canadians, protect the environment by reusing equipment and remove barriers to gaining important digital skills that support youth employment.

Learn more about the CEO Pledge to Close the Digital Divide.

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Respect Group

We are pleased to collaborate with Respect Group to make the Respect in the Workplace program available to all MNP team members through onboarding and MNP University.


Respect in the Workplace - Logo

The Scotiabank Women Initiative

We are a proud partner of The Scotiabank Women Initiative™, which is a comprehensive program to help advance women-owned and women-led businesses through three Pillars: Access to Capital, Mentorship and Education. 

Learn more about the Scotiabank Women Initiative™.

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Women Get on Board

We are a member of Women Get on Board, which is a community of engaged women and men committed to advancing women in the boardroom.


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