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ESG Consulting Services

What’s driving ESG?

A growing number of trends are pushing companies to strengthen corporate ESG performance.

Where ESG has historically enabled corporate inaction through largely symbolic gestures, present-day actions must consider emerging:

  • Minimum thresholds for mandatory integrated securities reporting.
  • International corporate accounting standards and sustainability reporting requirements.
  • Government-mandated disclosure requirements.
  • Impacts of ESG on investors’ decision-making.
  • Impact of sustainability considerations on regulatory decisions, rate structures, and capital-intensive infrastructure projects.

The more ESG integrates into the corporate landscape, the greater the risks for less ESG-mature businesses.

What are your ESG challenges?

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Rapidly evolving regulatory landscape

Governments, securities commissions, and standard-setting bodies continue to introduce new ESG requirements. Not only do you need to make sense of multiple rules and standards, but you also have a narrow window to achieve compliance.

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Prioritization and planning

You want to address the ESG priorities that will most positively impact your people, stakeholders, and local environment. Still, you may be divided on which actions to take first and your roadmap to maturity.

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Meeting stakeholder expectations

Employees, investors, customers, and even vendors now consider ESG performance a prerequisite to doing business with you. Each brings a unique perspective and set priorities — and many want to see third-party assurance of your efforts.

How we can help

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Supply Chains Act (Bill S-211) Reporting

We can help you meet the requirements of Canada’s Supply Chains Act (Bill S-211). Our support covers everything from risk assessments and supplier due diligence to testing the effectiveness of your controls and crafting your annual report to regulators.

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ESG Strategy Consulting and Governance

Get perspective and support to develop a comprehensive ESG strategy roadmap. Our ESG advisory service can help with policy development, board and leadership training, benchmarking, and more.

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ESG Compliance and Regulatory Support

Deliver comprehensive third-party ESG assurance that stakeholders and regulatory bodies expect from your business. We can help with everything from determining your reporting requirements to measuring your carbon footprint and GHG verification, ESG audits, and more.

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Environmental, social, and governance: Everything you need to know

ESG is a constantly evolving space. Read our insight to get answers to the most common questions and learn how your organization can move forward in your ESG journey.

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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Respond to societal shifts calling for more inclusive workplaces. We support your business with a flexible and knowledge-based approach to ensure your policies and strategies reflect the diverse communities you serve.

Our ESG Team

Mary Larson MBA, ICD.D, GCD.D

Leader, Consulting – Organizational Renewal

Edward Olson

Partner, National Leader, Environmental, Social and Governance

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