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Assurance and Accounting

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  • Audits

    Our team works to understand your business and builds a comprehensive and independent audit for your needs to enhance the credibility and reliability of your financial statements.

  • Reviews Compilations and Other Assurance Engagements

    Build trust in your organization’s financial information with specific and detailed reviews.

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

    Meet your financial reporting requirements, no matter where you do business or what sector you operate within.

Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting

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  • Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting

    Meet ease, MNP’s cloud accounting and bookkeeping solution. Manage your business finances faster than ever before, wherever business takes you.


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  • Value Creation

    We assist you in accomplishing diverse goals, including increasing shareholder value, enhancing pre-divesture value, managing a merger or acquisition pre and post integration, growing revenue, and enhancing customer service, amongst various other organization-specific requirements.

  • Organizational Renewal

    Our Organizational Renewal team members are the go-to advisors for leaders and their teams needing strategic agility: the ability to make wise decisions fast, to work together effectively, to embed change and to nurture high-performing, empowering, diverse and inclusive cultures. 

  • Delivery Execution

    Our leading-edge practices and experienced team help manage and deliver your complex transformation projects, ensuring the right judgement calls are made, so you can realize the benefits you seek.

  • Insights & Analytics

    Our experienced and skilled team helps you find the right information, understand it, and make sound decisions that help you meet your desired goals.

Corporate Finance

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  • Acquisitions

    Maximize the value of your transaction. From finding the right business, to conducting due diligence, to integration support, you’ll get a strategic process that leads to efficient and effective outcomes.

    Acquire your new asset at the best price possible and reduce risk with the support of our experienced professionals.

  • Divestitures

    Maximize the value of your transaction. From finding a buyer, to conducting due diligence, to post-deal support, you’ll get a strategic process that leads to efficient and effective outcomes.

  • Due Diligence

    Effective due diligence helps you manage business risk and equips you to negotiate the best possible deal from a position of strength. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we provide expertise in all facets of the transaction to ensure you make strategic investment decisions to benefit you now and in the future.

  • Financing

    Whether you want to invest in additional assets, increase your working capital, or refinance debt, we identify and help you access the right capital that will allow you to reach your business goals.

  • Transaction Advisory Services

    Whether you are considering divesting assets or buying them, setting up financing or establishing an exit plan, having complete information beforehand is essential to a successful transaction. MNP’s transaction advisors will help you create an appropriate strategy before, during or after a deal to ensure maximum positive results.

Digital Services

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  • Digital Advisory

    With today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving digital landscape and customer preferences, it’s critical for organizations to anticipate, innovate, and adapt. The challenge lies in finding the right combination of digital solutions to meet your specific needs. And with so many platforms and options available, it can be extremely difficult to know which path to follow.

  • Digital Platforms

    In today’s accelerated environment you need something that gives you a definitive competitive advantage to outpace your competitors. Managing your organization effectively and securing stronger customer loyalty means having the right platforms and experiences in place to support your strategy and operations.

  • Managed IT Services

    At MNP Digital, we believe technology can be a strategic advantage for any organization – but only when it isn’t taking the focus away from your core business. Whether your goals are growth, diversification, efficiency, restructuring, or impact mitigation, MNP Digital’s Managed IT Services team can provide the ongoing support you need.

  • Applied Data and Analytics

    Every organization creates and captures data. Some more than others but it can all be valuable. The challenge is knowing what you have, keeping it organized and secure, and understanding how to gather meaningful insights that will inspire your team to open new pathways to value.

  • Cyber Security and Privacy

    As one of the leading and growing threats in the world, cyber-crime is a critical business risk. A blanket approach to cyber security and privacy is no longer viable; you need to be proactive and prepared.

  • Application Development

    Your organization is built on the applications and platforms you rely on every day. Our Application Development services have been designed specifically to accelerate growth, boost internal operations and collaboration, and improve your ability to engage with customers, so you have exactly what you need to succeed.

  • Cloud Services

    The cloud has never been more accessible – but to get the most out of it you need to have a plan in place and experts who can make your vision a reality. We leverage Microsoft Azure to help you reduce overhead, discover new efficiencies, and foster innovation on a secure and scalable platform.

Enterprise Risk

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  • Governance and Risk Management

    Sound corporate governance and an integrated approach to enterprise risk management are essential for your long-term success. We help you take hold of your strategic, financial, and operational objectives — and avoid potential pitfalls which can impact your business.

  • Internal Audit and Controls

    Stakeholders want assurance you’re adequately mitigating risk, highlighting opportunities, and optimizing performance across all areas of your organization. Our internal audit and internal control professionals ensure your controls achieve leading standards in corporate governance and position your organization to respond quickly in a rapidly changing business environment.

  • Technology Risk

    You rely on information and communication technologies more than ever to conduct business and build a competitive advantage. We help you identify key risks, implement effective governance and controls, and prioritize your efforts to make sure you get the most from your technology investments.

  • Business Resilience

    A disruption or crisis can have significant immediate and long-term impacts on your business. We help you develop business resilience strategies and plans that allow you to respond quickly and appropriately in an emergency — and minimize the impacts of a disaster across your business structure.

  • Managing Risk Through Performance Improvement

    When you face constant pressure to do more with less, it can be tempting to stretch every dollar to the limit, and sometimes beyond. But this approach can lead to even more costly issues down the road. We help you identify opportunities to increase business performance while effectively managing your principal risks.


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  • Anti-Money Laundering Services (AML)

    MNP can help ensure your organization meets and complies with Canadian anti-money laundering regulations and the requirements of your financial institutions. Manage risks, shareholder expectations, reputation preservation and regulatory compliance.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Assess and minimize your risk of fraud, money laundering, and foreign corruption while ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies. MNP’s Compliance and Risk Management team of experienced investigators also include our highly regarded whistleblowing hotline.

  • Digital Forensics

    MNP Digital Forensics team will preserve, analyze and report on computer evidence to standards required for criminal or civil proceedings.

  • Ethics Alert Hotline

    When a concern of workplace misconduct arises, MNP’s Ethics Alert Services help protect your organization against financial and reputational harm by providing a discrete, independent and secure whistleblower hotline.

  • Workplace Misconduct

    MNP’s Forensic Investigations team combine deep experience in law enforcement, public practice and regulatory matters to respond quickly and confidentially to any dispute or suspect wrongdoing within your organization. We gather the evidence you need by combining accounting and investigative expertise.

  • Insurance Advisory

    MNP’s trained and experienced teams work independently for both insurance companies and insured clients to identify and address the unique aspects of each loss for swift and accurate resolution of claims.

  • Disputes and Litigation

    MNP’s team of qualified expert witnesses support your litigation process from pleadings to final judgement.


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  • Insolvency

    MNP LTD is one of Canada’s largest and leading corporate and consumer insolvency firms. Our government licensed debt experts can help you understand the underlying causes of your financial difficulties and administer legal proceedings to address unsustainable debt.


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  • Succession

    You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. Now, let’s build a succession strategy so you can capitalize on what you’ve created.

Tax Services

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  • Canadian Corporate Tax

    MNP helps you manage your corporate tax risk as tax laws and interpretations change and become more complex. We help you ensure compliance, including preparing returns, advice on tax deferral, audit defence and help with negotiations, while maximizing the returns to your business.

  • Personal Tax

    Whether you are a high net worth individual, business owner, executive or corporate director, we develop effective tax strategies to ensure compliance while helping you lawfully pay the least tax possible, protecting the value of your estate.

  • International Corporate Tax

    MNP’s International Corporate Tax team has extensive experience helping businesses operating in Canada, the U.S. and other foreign jurisdictions comply with international reporting requirements, while minimizing their global tax costs.

  • Indirect Tax

    MNP will help you navigate Canada’s complex sales tax system, from the latest amendments to the GST / HST or PST to indirect tax planning, advice on indirect tax implications on transactions, preparing Canada Revenue Agency ruling and helping with audits and appeals.

  • Scientific Research and Experimental Development

    MNP’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) team will help you identify potential initiatives, prepare claims and defend them to take advantage of billions of dollars in available tax credits.

  • Transaction Tax

    MNP’s Transaction Tax team delivers effective tax planning for any major business transaction, including mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, helping increase shareholder value, avoid regulatory tax issues and achieve tax savings.

  • Tax Controversy

    MNP’s Tax Controversy team will help you prevent, manage and resolve tax disputes with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or other tax collection entities.


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  • Business Transactions

    MNP provides comprehensive valuation services for a range of transactions with private and public companies. Our Chartered Business Valuators determine fair values for tangible and intangible assets, unbiased financial fairness opinions, and appraisals for machinery, equipment, property and real estate.

  • Financial Reporting

    MNP’s Chartered Business Valuators provide everything you need to accurately report your financial position and meet compliance obligations.