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Case Study: Gap assessment and remediation ahead of NERC-CIP audit

Case Study: Gap assessment and remediation ahead of NERC-CIP audit

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Facing a NERC-CIP audit, a large electrical transmission organization looked for a gap assessment and help with remediation.

Goal: Identify gaps in cyber security and achieve industry compliance

Industry sector: Energy and utilities, electricity transmission

maze icon Challenge

This large electrical transmission organization was looking at a gap assessment for an upcoming NERC-CIP audit. There were numerous gaps anticipated and the organization required assistance with remediation.

light bulb icon Solution

MNP worked with the organization to assess all requirements for the NERC-CIP Medium Impact rating. As anticipated, numerous gaps were identified. Resources were provided to work with the organization on remediation efforts for all gaps identified. Where possible, automated solutions were integrated to streamline processes.

checkmark icon Results

MNP identified gaps in NERC-CIP compliance areas, including procedures, documentation and required evidence, helping the organization meet or exceed all requirements.

Services provided

NERC-CIP compliance


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