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Case study: Helping a global business restructure

Case study: Helping a global business restructure

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A global reorganization poses significant risks to an organization. Discover how MNP helped one company ensure its business transformation was a smooth one.

A global-scale organizational restructure for a division of a company with more than 180,000 employees across 29 countries is a significant challenge. However, with significant experience working on large-scale organizational change, MNP is well equipped to guide companies through such a challenge.

The problem

In a fast-paced and time-limited process, MNP’s team had to quickly understand a complex global business and hone in on the needs of the business and the leadership team to create a customized approach. MNP was asked to manage the full restructuring process from the pre-close stage to the newly structured business in a way that allowed management to get out in front of this large-scale, global, and complex change. Management also wanted MNP to ensure that each executive lead was on track to achieve their respective project milestones and KPIs.

The challenge

Business transformations are an uneasy time for any organization. Considering the uncertainty and significant change that employees experience through such a process, organizational risks are heightened if the transformation is not carried out efficiently, with consistent, transparent communication.

As complexities arose throughout the restructuring process, MNP worked side by side with the leadership team to ensure that the business transformation was carried out effectively and efficiently. At the same time, MNP addressed business risks through a preventative approach.

The global nature of the company further added to this challenge. MNP rapidly addressed the needs of each leader – from various countries, with different personalities and working styles – to effectively tackle the fast-moving work and evolving environment.

MNP’s business transformation methodology also identified process improvement areas, risks, and mitigating factors and created transparent and consistent communications, allowing for a smooth transition of the core business.

Through MNP’s facilitated sessions, the wisdom of the diverse crowd led to a successful organizational change as each leader learned from the others.

The outcome

The engagement finished with a fully restructured global organization. MNP transitioned the project work plan through a project hand-off working session to ensure a smooth transfer of accountability. MNP provided monitoring and tracking tools, an impact assessment tool, and a comprehensive communication plan to guide the company on a successful path forward.


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