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Case study: Community health planning

Case study: Community health planning

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We collaborate with Indigenous governments and organizations across Canada to help redesign health systems that better meet the holistic needs of members.

Project background

MNP was engaged to support a client through the process of entering a block contribution funding agreement. Block funding allows funds to be reallocated within the block of programs during the agreement if progress toward program objectives is being achieved.


To achieve this goal, MNP facilitated the development of a community health plan. Throughout the project, MNP provided advocacy, negotiation, and facilitation support between the departments, the Nation and FNIHB. Additional support was provided to the department with their quarterly updates to the Chief and Council, ensuring all elements of the FNIHB health and wellness planning components for health transformation were completed. Lastly, MNP aided in the coordination of a community health needs assessment, including distributing a community survey, hosting three community engagement sessions in the nation and surrounding towns, and facilitating focus groups with community members and health staff.


The information from the community health needs assessment was leveraged to update the community’s health and wellness plan, which was an essential activity in the success of the client signing a five-year block funding contribution agreement in 2022.

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