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Creating the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Creating the Next Generation of Business Leaders

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[VIDEO] MNP is proud to mentor young entrepreneurs and innovators in the Okanagan.


Young and innovative minds are critical for the continued vibrance and progression of the Canadian business community. Their unique perspectives and innovative ideas have the potential to shape our future, increase our competitiveness and further our position on the world stage. But they can’t do it alone.

Through our partnership with the University of British Columbia Okanagan, MNP is proud to invest in youth entrepreneurs. Participating in an extensive catalog of accelerators, forums and entrepreneurship courses, we’re helping to establish a new paradigm for emerging business leaders. And as mentors, we’re also excited to prepare budding leaders to test new ventures and move forward on their journey to create sustainable business or charitable ventures.

For more information, contact Gary Parmar, CPA, CA, Partner and Regional Leader - Technology, Media and Telecommunications, at 250.979.2577 or [email protected].


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