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Diversity and inclusion becoming a mainstay for Canadian companies

Diversity and inclusion becoming a mainstay for Canadian companies

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In an article for the Toronto Star, MNP employees reflect on the importance of celebrating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.

Read on to discover MNP’s commitment to DEI, hear from members of our DEI committee, and discover how our commitment to DEI has made a positive impact on our employees.

The following article was originally published in The Toronto Star in April 2023. It has been reproduced with permission.

The conversation around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is always evolving and changing — and organizations that want to make DEI practices an integral part of their values must evolve accordingly and go beyond writing a set of policies or committing to a percentage of minority employees.

Good DEI practices have the power to transform an organization by creating an inclusive workplace with satisfied employees — whether it be equity around gender, race, cultural or religious practices, or accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

MNP is a Canadian professional services firm providing a broad range of services, from accounting and tax services to assurance and consulting. Formed in 1958, MNP is now the fifth largest firm in this sector in Canada with offices from coast to coast — and MNP team members are as diverse as the communities where they live and work.

“Drawing strength from DEI is one of MNP’s core values. As a firm that operates on guidelines, each office has the ability to shape the culture of inclusivity and belonging based on the community in which it operates,” says Murad Bhimani, leader of MNP’s DEI committee. “The leadership at MNP is very supportive of initiatives that drive understanding, learning, and growth of our team members through celebration of festivals from various cultures and faiths, panel discussion, and keynote addresses so team members from diverse backgrounds feel that they are seen, heard, and celebrated.”

“We have been growing very quickly, and fastest among our competitors,” says Sylvia Tell, a partner in the Toronto office, part of the consulting practice and a member of MNP’s DEI committee. Diversity and equity have always been high priorities for MNP, an important part of their core values and their history. Now it’s also a growing area of significance to their clients, primarily mid-market organizations.

“Clients want to know how they can build a team that is inclusive, where everyone has a voice and can contribute to how their services and products are delivered,” explains Tell, who is also MNP’s first Latina partner. “Making sure that DEI is part of their vision is very important, so having a firm like ours with expertise in that area coming to table is key.” That’s why it’s critical for MNP to not just provide information, but also walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to a robust set of internal DEI practices.

An analyst in the consulting group, Macaulay Davison is an expert in DEI and also serves on the DEI committee at MNP. “I am nonbinary, and I think it’s important that we recognize the need to be inclusive towards people who still experience sexism and misogyny. Within recent years, our clients have realized that they need to support their employees and create a more inclusive workplace culture.” Davison acknowledges that companies want to work with other companies that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, so for MNP, celebrating their commitment to DEI is an important focus in everything they do.

“Working with MNP’s DEI committee has been an eye-opening and personally enriching experience for me,” explains Bhimani. “MNP’s DEI committee is serving as a safe space for the committee members to share their lived experiences and inform its programs and activities. This is yet another example of where our firm’s values are put into action and an exceptional group of diverse individuals contribute to realizing an even more dynamic vision of inclusivity at MNP.”

Lang Ncube, a coordinator within the Regional Human Capital team and part of the DEI committee in the Toronto office, was born in Zimbabwe and came to Toronto as a child. “Oftentimes when you look at the corporate space, you don’t see people that represent me or look like me. As a Black woman, within MNP I have been able to find that comfort within both parts of my identity.” Ncube also points out that MNP has a strong DEI push when it comes to their recruitment practices. “We make sure our candidate pool is diversified, finding different ways we can improve and open doors for people that may have been left out previously.” 

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, and MNP is looking forward to celebrating this initiative. “The DEI committee at MNP has been doing a lot of great work with many key initiatives,” says Ncube.

As a woman in a leadership role from a minority group, Tell believes that over the past few years, MNP and their clients are now living the values associated with DEI. “It’s about living our values, but also putting diversity at the decision-making table. This brings value to our clients because they are also going through that same transition.”

Find out more about MNP and their commitment to DEI at MNP.ca.


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