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Health Department Review

Health Department Review

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We collaborate with Indigenous governments and organizations across Canada to help redesign health systems that better meet the holistic needs of members.

Project Background

MNP was engaged to support a client who wanted to review and improve their current operations. By reviewing the health department operations, the health department hoped to find areas to improve efficiency and effectiveness, with the hopes of subsequently improving interactions with community members. 


MNP worked with the Nation to complete a health department review, which consisted of the following activities:

  • Review of existing governance and management structure, current roles and responsibilities and workflow
  • Examine the current system of internal controls, reporting, and financial and administrative practices.
  • Review the current health service delivery model, including the existing suite of health services provided and the skills and qualifications of health personnel.
  • Identify risks and areas for improvement.


The information from the review was compiled into a report, along with recommendations of specific action items to improve health department operations, including management governance, current roles and responsibilities, workflow, reporting, and financial administrative practices. Implementing the recommended specific action items improved the experience in the health system for staff and community members. 

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