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How a LifeBook can prepare you for twists and turns

How a LifeBook can prepare you for twists and turns

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If ever there was a wake-up call to organize your personal affairs – COVID-19 was it. A LifeBook can help you feel confident that your family will be looked after.

During the pandemic, many people felt the urgency of dealing with legal documents, succession or estate planning, or organizing other aspects of their personal and business financial affairs. If ever there was a wake-up call – COVID-19 was it. As the coronavirus demonstrates, the future is not predictable. While most of us understand the inevitability of aging and death, we back away from the various scenarios that may less typically confront us. We don’t even let ourselves contemplate the possibilities of life-altering accidents, illnesses, or financial misfortunes that may impact our loved ones or ourselves.

So perhaps you have been checking out websites and firms for help with updating legal documents, succession or estate planning, and looking to organize personal and business financial affairs. But the more you explore, the more daunting it becomes. Thinking through all the “what ifs,” deciding what is and isn’t necessary, determining how to organize this information and documents, it’s natural you may just want to throw up your hands and postpone because it’s to overwhelming.

If you own a business, you may be so focused on moving forward from a challenging pandemic economic environment, you’ve given little thought about what would happen to your business if something should happen to you. Perhaps you have organized your affairs years ago but need revisit them to ensure they address your current circumstances.

These are all situations where you could use an experienced and objective guiding hand to answer your questions and help you prioritize and organize your personal, family, and business financial matters. This is what LifeBook does. Rather than approaching decisions in a fast, random way that may not achieve what you want, LifeBook enables you to get a handle on your situation and take control of your financial situation.

LifeBook effectively combines an efficient process customized to your needs with guidance by an experienced advisor who assists at a pace attuned to your comfort level. The end result is your own personalized LifeBook — a digital document containing all of your important plans, documents, and directions that would be needed should “what if” happen. You can even authorize specified people to store your LifeBook with instructions regarding the circumstances in which to share all or parts of it with your designated decision makers.

LifeBook provides peace of mind that your financial and personal affairs are organized, and the right strategies and documents are in place to meet your goals and wishes.

The process of creating your LifeBook is comfortable, easy, and reassuring. Your LifeBook advisor meets with you to discuss “what if” possibilities, that is, if something happened to you, does your executor or family know everything they need to know? Your advisor will work with you to answer this question by learning your personal story, goals, priorities, and needs.

MNP will help you identify gaps and opportunities related to organizing your finances, assets, documents, and wishes for your yourself, your family and your business going forward. LifeBook also considers your risk management and transitions plans.

You’ve worked hard to develop a business and build assets. If something unexpected happens, wouldn’t it be reassuring not to have to worry about the wellbeing of your life’s work, and your family?


Let LifeBook be your life preserver. To start creating your LifeBook, contact:

Michelle D. Coleman, CPA, CA, TEP, CEA
Lifebook Champion
[email protected].


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