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Manage your taxes year-round with ease

Manage your taxes year-round with ease

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Free up more time during tax season: here are three ways ease’s cloud-based platform can help meet your tax obligations without hunting for receipts.

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Time is always at a premium for business owners, and even more so when it come to sorting out taxes. Whether your accounts are on spreadsheets or in shoe boxes, tax season can take the focus away from running your business and living your life.

By using automation (and a range of apps), MNP’s ease cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping solutions help manage finances faster, organizing data so you don’t have to, and giving you immediate access to the information you need, from wherever you are. No more searching for documents, missing out on deductions, or missing payments on back taxes. 

Here are three ways MNP’s ease services can help you meet your tax obligations and get back to what’s important.

Get those receipts onto the cloud – on receipt

Go ahead and take a photo of that receipt; ease will flow the numbers directly into your accounting software so you don’t have to. And you can check your finances through your phone, at the office, or at home.

Having your data easily accessible in one place will cut the time needed to get ready to file your taxes. By setting up rules, and integrating bank feeds, you can automate time-consuming data entry to process information faster, with more accuracy – keeping your accountant and the Canada Revenue Agency happy.

Keep the cash flow flowing

Taxes can have an impact to your cash flow so being prepared goes a long way. Our service allows you to work on your books throughout the year and understand what you owe shortly after your year-end and months ahead of when your payment would be due. No more unwelcome surprises.

It’s all part of the service: ease’s automated functions will help manage your payables and receivables, so you are paid as early as possible, and you are paying your bills when they are due. 

Ease also can automate indirect tax payments to the province and / or the federal government, giving you the peace of mind of having goods and services or harmonized sales taxes covered.

It’s time to simplify

Ease allows you to understand your financial position in real time and the taxes that come along with it so you can plan accordingly. With timely financials and a service that adjusts to your unique tax situation, you can set a tax strategy in place and monitor it through the course of the year and get rid of your tax season headache.

Read more details on how to bring more ease into your business and life.


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