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MNP Energy & Utilities - Asset Management

September 24, 2019

MNP Energy & Utilities - Asset Management

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Safe. Efficient. Effective.

Improve Your Financial Performance

Energy and utility corporations operate in a capital-intensive environment which requires safe, efficient and effective operations to meet performance targets, regulatory requirements and optimize the return on capital employed.

MNP’s Energy and Utilities team will help you enhance your organization’s bottom-line performance by managing the full life cycle of your organization’s assets, from initiation to build, through operation and retirement. A detailed wholistic approach improves planning - effectively delivering capital projects and programs and minimizing asset lifecycle costs while meeting consumer, stakeholder and shareholder expectations. These goals are achieved through asset performance improvement, asset life extension, reduced reliability and safety risks.

  • The Advisory Counsel on Economic Growth estimates the Canadian infrastructure gap ranges from $150 billion to $1 trillion due to assets’ life cycles.
  • The Canadian government has dedicated more than $95 billion to infrastructure investment in the last two budgets.
  • Average Canadian annual investment in the electricity sector until 2030 is expected to be $15 billion, higher than any previous decade.

Full Lifecycle Asset Management

North American energy and utility corporations face aging infrastructure and technological changes, as well as regulatory and shareholder pressure to improve reliability and keep consumer rates low. To achieve success in this difficult environment, organizations must effectively manage the full asset lifecycle rather than simply build and operate.

Maximizing asset utilization through availability and reliability improvements, as well as cost optimization, is critical towards improving financial performance and profitability.

Planned asset management enables organizations to make defendable and prudent capital decisions, while optimizing maintenance costs and maximizing asset reliability.


Our Energy and Utilities team works with you to improve your organization’s capital asset management process -from initiation to retirement - by optimizing decisions and project execution. Our Asset Management services include:

  • Transformation and Implementation
  • Asset Planning
  • Capital Project Portfolio Management
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Supply Chain (including Procurement and Sourcing)
  • Negotiations
  • Contracting and Contract Management
  • Disputes and Claims Management
  • Regulatory Support
  • Asset Retirement


MNP’s Energy and Utilities team brings a unique perspec-tive of full lifecycle knowledge gained through extensive engagements with energy and utility corporations across Canada and the U.S. We help develop asset management capability and planning, from inception to decommission-ing, including:

  • Approval
  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Retirement

Each Region Has Their Own Unique Regulatory Landscape.

We have worked in jurisdictions across Canada and the U.S. and have the experience and knowledge required to manage your operations in alignment with local requirements. As well, we collaborate with MNP’s nation-wide pool of team members across multiple sectors and service lines, bringing different perspectives, leading-edge skills and innovative solutions to you.

Client relationships and service excellence are the foundation of MNP’s business. Our long-term relationships as trusted advisors to senior executives and board members in a broad range of sectors attest to our track record that we deliver what we promise.


MNP is a leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada. We proudly serve and respond to the needs of our energy and utilities clients by investing our time and resources into fully understanding these dynamic and complex industries. Through partner-led engagements, we provide a collaborative, cost-effective approach to doing business and personalized strategies to help organizations succeed across the country and around the world.


Jason Hails - Partner, Consulting Leader - Energy and Utilities

T: 416.263.6920

M: 416.209.2228

E: [email protected]

Gord Chalk - Partner, Consulting Leader – Energy and Utilities


403.648.4123 403.471.8500

E: [email protected]


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