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Navigating Uncertainty: Insights for Boards and Audit Committees

June 17, 2020

Navigating Uncertainty: Insights for Boards and Audit Committees

3 Minute Read

Hear from leading Canadian companies about leading practices for governance in the new COVID-19 world in this recorded virtual round table.

The fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically impacted lives, disrupted business operation and supply chains and is poised to launch a global recession. As the situation evolves, pressures on board leadership have intensified as enterprises grapple with deploying crisis response plans, substantial hits to cash flow and re-evaluating strategic planning.

Catch MNP and board leaders of some of Canada’s leading businesses and organizations in this virtual roundtable discussion of leading practices for governance in the new world. During this recorded webinar, our speakers address:

  • The existing opportunities and priorities of boards, and audit committees
  • Governance changes being implemented
  • The future for boards and audit committees, and the risks ahead

The way in which boards do their work will be a critical factor in an organization’s ability to emerge from the crisis and push forward into recovery - with opportunity for the benefit of all stakeholders.


For advice specific to your unique circumstances, contact Richard Arthurs, Robert Kuling, or your local MNP professional.

Richard Arthurs, CPA, CMA, CIA, CRMA, CFE, QIAL
Partner, Enterprise Risk Services
[email protected]

Robert Kulling, CRMA, CIA, CQA
Partner, Enterprise Risk Services
[email protected]


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