Person taking steps to protect business devices from cyber attacks.

Safeguarding Against Fraud and Cyber Threats

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According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center, instances of fraud, identity crimes, and associated cybercrime are on the rise each year, leading to an increasing number of Canadians falling victim every day. While Canada's digital economy continues to expand, so does the threat posed to businesses and individuals. Despite the advantages of our digital environment and marketplace, many Canadians lack a strong understanding of the risks and threats they face. This webinar highlights the critical need for further education and awareness regarding fraud, cybercrime, and security best practices.

March marks Fraud Prevention Month, and in this webinar, Ryan Duquette, National Lead of Digital Forensics, and Phil Fodchuk, National Lead of Cyber Security, will delve into various types of fraud impacting business owners, steps to protect your organization, and demonstrate how criminals execute business email compromises.

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and protect yourself against emerging threats.

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