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Take control of your payments, on your terms, with ease

January 21, 2022

Take control of your payments, on your terms, with ease

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Up the ease factor with an automated payment process that keeps you in control and in the know – wherever you are.

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It’s been a few months and you have MNP’s ease digital accounting and bookkeeping taking care of basic business tasks like invoicing. Now is the time to take the next step and process your payments through the cloud-based service.

Maintaining cash flow is crucial, and that means balancing revenue with who, when and even how much to pay. Ease allows you to take control of your payments with flexibility and on your terms. It takes the data already flowing automatically into your payables ledger and provides the visibility you need to make sure payments are being made at the right time and to the right vendors.

With an up-to-date payables file, you can fund and pay multiple vendors and invoices in a single payment batch, saving time and driving down the costs of paying your vendors on time. To do so, we use RBC PayEdge, which integrates with ease programs and your accounting system to allow you to make payments from any Canadian bank account or credit card (without the need to be an existing RBC banking client).

And if you need to pay suppliers globally, or in a non-Canadian currency, RBC PayEdge allows you to make payments in approximately 100 foreign currencies as part of the single batch. You can even make both Canadian dollar and foreign currency payments at the same time.

Completed payments are automatically reconciled to your ease accounting and bookkeeping platform so when you make payments using RBC PayEdge, you know exactly who was paid.

Ease also can automate indirect tax payments to the province and / or the federal government, so you don’t have to spend time making sure they are covered.

And while the payment process is automated, with ease you still control the approval process. MNP’s ease enables the business owner to establish key points, such as setting approval limits, timing, other signatories, and multi-factor authentication. As a cloud-based solution, you can securely access the information wherever you are - from your office, a construction site, or the beach, so timely decisions can be made when needed.

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