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What you need to know to ensure you are carbon tax compliant

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Canada's carbon tax system is complex, with each province having discretion to either craft their own legislation or follow the federal regime. This can lead to uncertainty for businesses around which carbon tax they're responsible for, and when and how to pay the required taxes.

As a transportation road carrier, the questions can be even murkier as you frequently travel across jurisdictions and need to refuel frequently — often outside of the province and jurisdiction where you pay carbon tax.

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Monday, November 27, 2023
9:00 AM

Join MNP and our presenters, Adam Amer and Jeff Harrison, as they dive into the complexities of carbon tax and ensure your company is fully compliant. Gain essential insights into:

  • Which entities are required to account for carbon tax paid (or overpaid) on fuels between jurisdictions.
  • Filing and remittance obligations.
  • Tips and best practices to document carbon tax-related expenses to simplify year end filings.


Jeff Harrison

Jeff Harrison, CPA, CMA

Partner - Indirect Tax

Adam Amer

Adam Amer, CPA, CMA

Senior Manager Indirect Tax