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Nominations are open for the Business in Edmonton Leaders Awards

Nominations are open for the Business in Edmonton Leaders Awards

Do you know of an exceptional business leader or entrepreneur in Edmonton who is creating a positive impact in the community? The Business in Edmonton Leaders Awards is your opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve.

This accolade goes to a person who stands out in the Edmonton community through their personal integrity, values, business initiatives, community involvement, innovation, and philanthropy.

Nominees will be evaluated by an independent panel of judges, who will select the top 20 for the 2023 Leaders Awards program. Nominations are now open for the Business in Edmonton Leaders Award and will close on May 1, 2023.

To nominate, click here.

In November 2023, more than 400 members of Edmonton’s business community will gather to recognize and celebrate these leaders for their remarkable achievements. MNP is proud to be the platinum partner for this event, celebrating the accomplishments of local businesses and the contributions they make to the community.


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