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Check Point Canadian Partner of the Year

Check Point Canadian Partner of the Year

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Check Point always names its Canadian Partner of the Year at the CPX 360 cyber security summit. The announcement is consistently one of the most eagerly anticipated highlights of the event — and the wait truly paid off this year because MNP finally received this distinguished honour!

The global conference is an opportunity for cyber security industry insiders to celebrate their wins and prepare for the coming year by sharing best practices and insights in the security field. Being named Check Point’s Canadian Partner of the Year is a true honour among so many top contenders.

Check Point says it chose MNP because of the way the firm has expanded its national footprint by adding resources in both Atlantic Canada and in Western Canada. They also acknowledge the firm has worked hard to deliver unique and value-driven cyber security solutions to new organizations across the country.

“MNP has been a Check Point partner for 22 years, and their vision for cloud, app-dev and infrastructure security is unparalleled in the industry,” says Richard Gagain, Senior Manager of Cyber Solutions for MNP. The firm is extremely grateful for the support of partners like Check Point and the peace of mind their products and services bring to clients facing a growing number of cyber risks.

Congratulations to the other companies that won awards at CPX 360. With global cyber attacks increasing by 38 percent from 2021 to 2022, the need for cyber security solutions is urgent. It is encouraging to know so many great people and great companies out there contributing to this very important work.

If you’re concerned about your cyber security, get in touch, or learn more about MNP’s Cyber Security and Privacy services.

Learn more about Check Point’s partners of the year.


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