MNP + TechImpact to Give New Brunswick a Second Digital Boost

MNP + TechImpact to Give New Brunswick a Second Digital Boost

The Government of Canada, TechImpact, and Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) have just launched Digital Boost 2.0 – an acceleration program that will provide $3.7 million to enable 150 New Brunswick-based businesses adopt emerging technologies and upgrade existing systems to support success in the region.

Are you ready to keep the momentum going?

Do you qualify?

Digital Boost 2.0 pairs successful applicants with a qualified local technology partner (like MNP Technology Solutions) together to develop a technology strategy and a plan to modernize digital infrastructure. The program will reimburse 75% of $26,600 (to a maximum of $20,000 per company) towards the creation of that plan, and if funds are left over, contribute to a first project.

If you are a New Brunswick-based organization that services clients in Atlantic Canada, you may qualify for funding. Advances made via Digital Boost 2.0 can help businesses increase productivity, access new markets, and improve competitiveness in existing markets.

Program participants will be chosen based on technical maturity and business operations factors.

Your organization must fit one of these scenarios:

  • No technical infrastructure and no digital strategy/roadmap.
  • Some technical infrastructure but no digital strategy/roadmap.
  • Some technical infrastructure and an out-of-date/irrelevant digital strategy/roadmap.

As well, your organization’s business:

  • Must have a change management culture and structure that values growth and innovation.
  • Must have the ability and willingness to invest resources.
  • Should have the capability to implement and internally sustain new technologies.
  • Must be able to express why you need a digital strategy and recognize its importance in guiding change.
  • Must be a for-profit company.
  • Must have a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) number.
  • Must have your head office in New Brunswick.
  • Should operate in one of the regional strategic sectors: manufacturing, food & beverage, seafood, aquaculture, aerospace & defense, life sciences, hospitality, transportation, energy, tourism, Information and Communications Technology (ICT).
  • Should have been profitable in the two years before 2020.
  • Should be less than 500 employees (applicants over this amount will be viewed on a case-by-case basis).

TechImpact has outlined the specifics of qualification on their application page.

"Many New Brunswick businesses are struggling to adopt technology to improve sales, operations and productivity, a challenge heightened by the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why TechImpact is focused on driving digital transformation and assisting businesses out of this global pandemic. Digital Boost 2.0 is designed to do exactly that, and we look forward to seeing the results of this work by outstanding Atlantic Canadian technology providers."

– Cathy Simpson, CEO, TechImpact

How can you maximize your funding?

MNP has the expertise and experience to guide your strategic initiatives and help you plan your digital transformation. Aligned closely with TechImpact as a qualified partner, MNP is among a handful of Digital Boost technology providers. And as the only provider with a combination of strategic technology advisory services, accounting services, and broader technology expertise in the region, we are ready to partner with organizations that are serious about their future.

We help businesses develop their strategies and transform their business through cloud migrations, app modernizations, ecommerce, cyber security, robotic process automation, content management systems, business intelligence and analytics, and more. And we’re excited to work with you to do the same.

Reach out and let’s get started!


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