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MNP proudly supports the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction

February 21, 2023

MNP proudly supports the Alberta Business Awards of Distinction

At MNP, we understand the essential role businesses play in driving the future of the communities we call home. That’s why we’re excited to support the 2023 Alberta Business Awards of Distinction and proud to sponsor three award categories.

MNP is sponsoring three awards and we’re looking for your help to find a winner.

  • The Female Entrepreneur Award recognizes outstanding achievements in business from a female entrepreneur.
  • The Global Growth Award is given to a business or organization with significant accomplishments exporting products or services outside of Canada.
  • The Business Innovation Award recognizes a business / organization that has achieved outstanding results through original innovative strategies.

To nominate an entrepreneur or business for these or any of the 12 award categories, click here. Deadline for nominations is March 6, 2023.

About the Alberta Business Awards

The Alberta Business Awards of Distinction recognize businesses / organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and contribution to their community while having developed business acumen and management practices to ensure long term sustainability. To date, over 300 companies have been named Alberta Business Awards of Distinction recipients. There are currently 12 diverse award categories, with an additional Alberta’s Best of Business Award.


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