Practically Speaking
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Practically Speaking

Actionable ideas for today’s most pressing issues in Canadian business

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Which of today’s pressing business issues are on your mind? Are your People, Business Planning, Performance Improvement, or Profitability strategies top of mind for 2023? MNP is here to help.

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Tackling today’s challenges

In the short time since Canada’s COVID restrictions began to gradually lift, the business news headlines have maintained some consistent themes: volatility, uncertainty, and cryptic predictions about what’s next. It’s understandable for you, or any other business owner, to feel apprehensive about the future and confused about what you should be doing today.

While observing trends is important, we believe all Canadian business owners must take today’s economic news and data in context. The Practically Speaking series is here to offer you relevant solutions to the economic challenges you’ve been experiencing or reading about.

Get the information you need

MNP is dedicated solely to small and mid-market Canadian businesses, and the people who run them. We understand your struggles and concerns because we deal with them every day.

Over the course of this series, we will offer solutions and ideas addressing your concerns with:

  • People
  • Planning
  • Performance Improvement
  • Profitability

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Practically Speaking Insights

Organization & People Strategic Business Planning Performance Improvement Profitability

Organization & People

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion — Your actions speak the loudest

    Your organization’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy must be built on more than just the right messaging. Do your actions support your words?

  • Building on a firm foundation: How effective retention strategies set the stage for success

    Discover why investing in employee retention is crucial to your success, and how to go about building your organization’s unique retention strategy.

  • The role of organizational culture in change management

    Your workplace culture will ultimately make or break your efforts to transform your organization and effectively manage change.

  • Making hybrid and remote work make sense for you

    If your organization has adopted a hybrid work model, here’s what to consider as you customize your hybrid strategy to your team and your circumstances.

Strategic Business Planning

  • Tracking and reporting — a closer look at the “E” in ESG

    Organizational leaders in all industries should be prepared for more robust climate disclosure mandates that are likely to arrive in Canada in the coming years.

  • How to maximize the value of your scenario planning

    Scenario planning can become one of your organization’s most valuable tools for anticipating risks and fostering creativity. Here’s how to approach it.

  • Broadening your perspective: How social factors impact your business

    The “social” side of ESG has a broad scope, covering internal factors like your culture and EDI practices, all the way to external factors like modern slavery.

  • Corporate governance forging a new standard and a new mindset

    Today’s stakeholders have elevated expectations and standards of what strong governance should look like. Here’s how you can raise the bar for the “G” in ESG.

Performance Improvement

  • Why a value creation strategy is an investment in your long-term success

    While investing in a value creation strategy might not net immediate returns, it is an essential part of securing the future of your business.

  • How building a resiliency strategy can help your business weather periods of economic hardship

    A resiliency plan can help your business remain competitive as growth stagnates across all industries and interest rates continue to rise.

  • How to maintain and grow profitability in a high borrowing cost environment

    A specialized strategy can help your business maintain and grow its profitability in the current high borrowing cost environment.

  • How to ensure mergers and acquisitions deliver on your business transformation objectives

    Merging with or acquiring another company can enhance your enterprise value and transform your business — but you need to have a plan to ensure your success.


  • Why investing in a productivity improvement plan can increase the profitability of your business

    How do you improve productivity? Our best practice guide identifies six ways you can get more from your operations to increase your profitability.

  • What now? Taking a 360-degree approach to your business’ future

    How can you secure the long-term success of your business? A 360-degree approach will empower you to make informed decisions to increase profitability.

  • Why a process improvement strategy is a valuable investment for your business

    Business process improvement can help you evaluate your operations and unlock efficiency to increase the profitability of your business.