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Celebrating diversity at MNP – meet Sahil Anand

Celebrating diversity at MNP – meet Sahil Anand: a supportive husband (best friend), entrepreneur, education enthusiast, avid road trip traveller, hiker, passionate baker, cook, community influencer, and Talent Acquisition Advisor at MNP.

Born and raised in India, Sahil is proud to have inherited the mindset that success comes from caring about people, their stories, skills, and ambitions from his father who enjoyed a career in Human Resources. With those lessons and a passion for building relationships, Sahil completed his MBA in business and marketing and has spent the last decade of his career connecting people with opportunities as an entrepreneur and recruiter. With great success building and supporting a network of over 200,000 eager business leaders and educated professionals, it was during the time of supporting his wife’s dream of completing her Post Graduation in Public Relations in Ontario that they both decided to pursue and build a new life in Canada.

After applying and receiving their permanent residency in 2018, in April 2022 during the first few months as a Talent Acquisition Advisor at MNP, Sahil successfully obtained his Canadian citizenship, virtually with 110 other participants from 27 different countries. The very next day a few of his MNP colleagues surprised him with a Microsoft Teams call, each wearing or holding something to represent Canada to honour this incredible achievement. “It was a pleasant surprise”, shared Sahil. “One team member even recorded a video of their nephew singing the Canadian anthem for me. Seeing my colleagues go to such an extent to celebrate with me was amazing!”

Sahil now provides a variety of tools with his network to help others transition to new countries and is eager to expand the talent at MNP Digital where differences are celebrated, and great culture can thrive. We are grateful for team members like Sahil who continue to make a difference both at and beyond MNP. Congratulations on obtaining your Canadian citizenship and thank you for sharing your story, Sahil!

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