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Celebrating diversity at MNP – meet Wayne MacRae

Wayne MacRae

Celebrating diversity at MNP – meet Wayne MacRae: a Clarence Rockland Ghostbuster, father, fundraiser, costume and prop creator, car buff, event coordinator, first prize Halloween costume winner, and IT Coordinator with MNP.

Wayne’s fascination for electronics, cars, and building things started at a young age and continues today. As a big Halloween buff, he would be inspired to build costumes and decorations from scratch using the finest materials he could find. One year, Wayne’s son wanted to dress up as a Ghostbuster for Halloween which was one of Wayne’s all-time favourite movies. Leveraging his creativity, attention to detail, and the most authentic materials, Wayne stepped up to the challenge and created Ghostbuster costumes for both himself and his son, which included a 50-pound proton pack that took six months to complete! These costumes and props attracted so much attention, including CBC Ottawa and the Clarence Rockland Ghostbusters (CR Ghostbusters) – a non-profit organization who raises money for various charities and provides positive and heartwarming experiences for everyone they interact with. Wayne had been approached by various franchises in the past, but it was the mandate of the CR Ghostbusters that Wayne would be proud to be a part of.

Almost five year’s later, both Wayne and his son, have been a part of the CR Ghostbusters volunteering and raising money for various charities. This includes helping at vaccination clinics with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and the Canadian Red Cross by distracting kids while they get their shots, helping at women’s shelters and animal shelters, and most recently, fundraising for Ukraine as part of the Canadian Red Cross. From attending children’s birthdays to raise money for local and community charities, planning and hosting events, to dedicating personal time to create pins, buttons, patches, silicone bracelets, and other props out of their own pockets to share with children, Wayne and his fellow CR Ghostbusters are proud to create memorable experiences for their community. “Whether it’s raising money for charity or making people smile from ear to ear, doing what we do is very rewarding,” shares Wayne with pride.

What started as a passion for building things turned into creating unforgettable experiences and giving back to the community. We are proud to have MNPers like Wayne making a difference within and beyond MNP!

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