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Sarah Wang has embraced the flexible workplace at MNP

Image of Sarah Wang

The adjustment to a fully remote workforce was a unique adjustment for everyone at MNP. For Sarah, it was just the push she needed to get a dog — something she’d been wanting to do since she was a child.

She and Aspen are now living their best life. They love exploring new hiking trails together: Running, leaping over streams, and climbing on boulders keep Aspen’s spirit soaring and makes Sarah appreciate more of the natural world around her.

The transition has also rekindled her love of plants. She’s made her home office a veritable greenhouse. Sarah now has over 80 plants in her home, including several rare species. Ask her about her collections, and she’ll gush with such enthusiasm that you’d think she was talking about actual children.

Sarah has found a work environment where she can be the best in and beyond her career — and you can, too.  

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