Enterprise Risk

MNP uses a six-step process to guide Indigenous organizations and businesses through the process of identifying, prioritizing and managing their unique strategic risks. This helps to not only better identify and manage those risks but recognize strategic opportunities as well. Our Enterprise Risk Services team works with organizations to develop a customized process that is practical, cost-effective and well-suited to our clients’ unique situations.

Solutions for Your Success

  • Enterprise Risk Services

  • Internal Audit Services

  • Investigative and Forensic Services

  • Technology Risk Services

  • Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Business Resilience Services


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      April 17, 2024

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      April 17, 2024

      Conflict in the workplace: the ripple effect on small businesses

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      How to gain control of your Microsoft Power Platform environment: Tools and governance

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    Contact Our Indigenous Services Team

    Clayton Norris CPA,CMA, CAFM, MBA

    Vice President, Indigenous Services

    Clayton Norris, CAFM, MBA, CPA, CMA, is the Vice-President of Indigenous Services and National Leader for Indigenous Audit Services for MNP. He has been the team leader for a variety of management and financial advisory projects with Indigenous Nations, businesses and individuals.

    Clayton has extensive experience in advisory services working with Indigenous communities providing accounting, tax and consulting services. With nearly 300 members, Clayton’s team has become one of the largest in North America serving First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities and businesses.

    Clayton is on the Board of Directors at MNP and is on the Board of the Alberta Heart and Stroke Foundation.