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MNP’s Individual Learning Plans

The success of your organization relies partly on the strength and capacity of your finance team. A skilled, competent, and confident finance team allows the organizations financial affairs to be navigated with ease. This also allows for the delivery of quality financial reports and charting new pathways to value.

MNP’s Individual Learning Plans provide tailored support and constructive advice to facilitate capacity building. Working side-by-side we help to build your team’s capacity and confidence through carefully curated and culturally appropriate group and individual training programs.

Our solutions are practical, collaborative, and informed by a strong knowledge of cultural sensitivities and economic realities. This program is defined by creating capacity for and by Indigenous governments and organizations – providing support and guidance in your journey to self-reliance and empowerment.


Approach and key benefits

Our approach is to listen and work with you to understand – in your own words, using your data, and your own systems – the vision and current challenges you are experiencing. Through these discussions, we understand the issues and work with you to develop a learning plan that guides you through the principles and techniques of financial management.

We go through a process to evaluate priorities as well as availability and capacity. We formulate a plan and set a pace that works.

Working as a team, we can train and get work done at the same time. We work with you to develop solutions which we then support you to implement and balance into your daily routine.

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Program overview 

Each module contains educational content, engaging activities, assignments, and additional resources. We customize the modules relevant to you based on your unique situation and goals.

Whether you are looking to help leaders and team members gain better insights and translate numbers into meaning, or you’re ready to go beyond the ledger to highlight what a budget represents, why the numbers important, and how to create an effective finance process, we can support you.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, we ensure your learning plan is practical and customized with the insights and skills you require. Our solutions are designed to enhance performance and improve decision-making. So, whether you’re taking your first steps or you’re an industry trailblazer, we work alongside you to provide the tools and resources to support your community now and generations into the future.


  • Accounts Payable    
  • Accounts Receivable 
  • Payroll 
  • Role of Finance
  • Cash Management 
  • Credit Cards
  • Reporting
  • Year-End Reporting
  • Budgeting / Project Management / Fund Accounting
  • Systems & Records Management
  • Inventory Capital Asset Management

Success stories

These are real life scenarios where MNP’s Individual Learning Plans created measurable, positive, and sustainable results for real life clients.

Case study 1

Challenge: A client was in a co-management situation with MNP, and the community had difficulty recruiting qualified staff. There was also a changeover in band management, which put a strain on the finance team as leadership was not consistent.

Approach: The client trainee knew the basics but needed help to expand their skills and understanding of complex finance functions. Through weekly training sessions, on-going mentoring and coaching, the client became confident and competent enough to train new staff on processes and structure. 

Outcome: The greater understanding and establishment of stable processes and structure helped create continuity within the department. The client developed self-reliance and was able to complete some of the complex finance projects MNP had done for years as an external advisor. MNP then created a transition plan so the client could take over full management of finances within 24 months.

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Case Study 2

Challenge: One band’s health board wanted more training for its finance staff to establish effective processes, increase capability, and ensure stability. 

Approach: Based on timelines and self assessments, MNP suggested group learning on a specific software program outlining basic finance functions such as AP / AR, payroll, bank reconciliations, general ledger functions and financial reports. The second phase involved one-on-one learning plans tailored to individual’s existing functions, and financial learning for all the band’s health managers. 

Outcome: The learning enabled the band’s employees to complete finance management tasks competently and with confidence and clarified roles and responsibilities for managers.

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Case Study 3

Challenge: A client was years behind on audits and missed funding opportunities.

Approach: MNP developed an Individual Learning Plan for the band’s finance staff on basic finance tasks and best practices.

Results: Through engaging in learning plans with their finance staff, the client was able to deliver quality financial records to provide us as auditors which resulted in them meeting audit deadlines for the first time since 2015. Being in compliance with ISC opened funding opportunities for the band.

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Who you’ll collaborate with

Melanie Touchie

Senior Manager, Indigenous EASE Services

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