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Protect the long-term future of your company by improving employee retention and optimizing performance.

With SMARTshare™, our advisors work with you to strengthen employee retention, create potential, and develop exit options. You get a comprehensive program that integrates your core needs as a business owner, sharing the profits, value, and growth with your team.

How SMARTshare™ helps create a bright future

You’ve worked hard to build a strong business and develop industry-leading employees. With the right strategy, you can improve retention and set your course for the future.

  • Retain employees with incentives that work

    Profit and Ownership Sharing Plans appeal to skilled, purpose-driven team members who want to be a part of the bigger picture. By adopting these plans, employees will feel stronger connections to the business.

  • Establish your succession plan

    SMARTshare™ can help you identify employees that can evolve into leaders of the business, helping you build a roadmap for your future.

  • Improve business productivity and performance

    Equity sharing plans build an employee ownership mentality and a self-motivating company culture. Team members know their hard work pays off and business that adopt these plans typically see a boost in productivity.

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Setting goals for a profit-sharing plan

Developing the right strategy starts with identifying what you want to accomplish.

Two SMART ways to reward your employees, your business, and yourself

Looking to improve employee retention? Start by looking at employee profit sharing plans and employee share ownership plans.

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Eben Louw, CPA, CA, is a Partner in MNP’s Abbotsford office. Drawing on more than a decade of experience, Eben delivers assurance and taxation services to not-for-profit organizations and private corporations, including businesses in the manufacturing and retail sector and those with cross-border activities, helping them work towards their desired future goals in the midst of complex situations.

Eben’s services include strategic foresight consulting and assisting with long-range planning, medium-term operational planning and monitoring. He helps with performance measurement and goal setting, as well as with succession planning through MNP’s proprietary ExitSMART program.

Depending on his clients’ specific needs, Eben delivers programs and workshops in a variety of areas, including visioning clarity, assisting with CFO-level needs, profit driver analysis of historic financial statements, goal setting with forward-looking financial statements, and helping controllers understand their contribution and roles. His clients benefit from his experience with the balanced scorecard approach and his ability to help them make the preferred future a reality, identify solutions for improving performance and make the results of planning processes sustainable.

Eben was designated a Chartered Accountant (CA) in Canada in 2003 and in South Africa in 2002. He has Bachelor degrees in Accounting (Hons.), Commerce (Hons.) and Military Science and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Strategic Foresight. In a volunteer capacity, Eben is an elder with his local church and volunteers for the Abbotsford Food Bank.