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No Charge Tax Returns For Professionals

Get Your Taxes Done at No Charge!

As you complete your education / residency and move forward in your career, remember MNP is here to help. Serving professionals for 60 years, we understand your unique needs and deliver the advice and solutions you need to make informed decisions that benefit you today and in the future. From strategic planning and setting up an efficient tax structure to recording transactions and working with your banker and the Canada Revenue Agency, MNP has you covered.

Tax Return Service at No Charge (*Exclusions apply)

We're offering healthcare students and medical residents and their spouses complimentary personal tax preparation and business advice. When you’re busy, that April 30 tax deadline can easily sneak up on you and we want to help you be ready. (Students are limited to medical, pharmacy, dental, veterinary, optometry, chiropractic, and clinical counselling.).

The following documents will be required to ensure a complete and timely return:

  * Prior year Notice of Assessment

  * Prior year tax return filed

  * Current year tax slips, such as T3, T4 and T5

  * T2202A tuition slip

  * Any donation slips

Exclusions: Please note that this complimentary service is only for basic personal tax returns. If you have a more complicated personal tax situation (e.g., rental, self-employed, business), we’ll happily provide a free quote at a discounted rate.

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About MNP's Professional Services

Providing professional services can be a challenging balancing act for even the most experienced medical, dental or legal practitioner. A strong focus on client needs leaves little time for optimizing your business to ensure you reach your goals both today and into the future.