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A deeper dive into the evolution of fintech and incumbent partnerships

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A deeper dive into the evolution of fintech and incumbent partnerships

The financial services industry is ripe for innovation. As customers increasingly seek out better, more convenient, and more integrated options, financial technology (fintech) providers are rapidly emerging to meet the demand. While this may seem like a cause for incumbent institutions to be concerned, there are just as many — if not more — reasons to be excited about the opportunity to collaborate and re-imagine the future of banking. 

In a recent whitepaper, MNP offered practical insights and recommendations for fintechs and incumbent institutions to build on one another’s strengths and form lasting and successful partnerships. This webinar looks to build on these insights, with an engaging and eye-opening panel discussion followed by a collaborative conversation about how to embark on this process of customer-centred digital transformation.

Trailblazers in this space, plus leaders from MNP’s Financial Services, Credit Union, Technology, Media and Telecommunications, and Digital practices will bring our recent whitepaper to life through a collaborative conversation between peers representing a variety of perspectives, skillsets, and points of view. They will deliver practical advice to help you embrace partnerships and make client-centric innovation a core part of your business.

Together, we’ll walk through the opportunities, the pitfalls, and the resources available to make this next exciting chapter in banking as seamless as possible for every stakeholder involved.

Speakers and panelists

Tara McKeown
Chief Employee Experience Officer, Conexus Credit Union

John Muffolini, CPA, CA
National Leader, Technology, Media, and Telecommunications, MNP 

Tom Beaupre, QSA, CISSP, CISA, BS
Payment Card Industry Team Lead, MNP

Steven Luckie
Financial Institutions Leader

Hosted by:
Annette Bester, CPA, CA, CIA, ICD.D
National Credit Union Leader