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Case Study: Enmax Power Corporation - Project Management Office (PMO) Design and Implementation

Case Study: Enmax Power Corporation - Project Management Office (PMO) Design and Implementation

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MNP designed and helped implement a project management office to standardize how projects and programs are delivered at this energy and utilities company, enabling more effective capital planning.


The delivery of the long-term and annual capital plan was inconsistent. The delivery model was not standardized and project, program and portfolio-level reporting were not available. The result is a capital delivery that was not meeting the objectives of the organization and resulted in less predictable and optimized capital delivery.


MNP designed and assisted with the implementation of a project management office (PMO) to standardize how projects and programs are delivered at ENMAX Power Corp. The PMO design included a department organizational structure, a standardized project delivery model, establishment of stage gates, establishment of standardized project artifacts, control points at specific stages within a project or program as well as project, program, and portfolio-level reporting.

The PMO design included involvement in the development of the annual plan as well as acceptance criteria for the PMO when receiving a project or program for delivery.

MNP provided support for the implementation of all areas of the PMO design by ENMAX. The contract management portion of the design was implemented by MNP personnel while acting as contract manager throughout the implementation and search for a permanent contract manager.


One year into the three-year implementation, all functions identified in the design have been implemented, a project delivery model with stage gates has been developed and is functioning. Standardization of project artifacts have also been established and implemented.

Reporting at the project, program and portfolio level has been developed and is actively being used to understand progress toward delivery of the capital plan as well as to make informed decisions regarding changes or alterations to the annual capital plan.

To date, the PMO design and implementation has achieved the objective of standardizing project and program delivery as well as providing insight and control over delivery of the capital plan.

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Energy and Utilities, Capital Projects and Portfolio Management, Project Delivery Model Optimization

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