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Get to know ease

March 05, 2021

Get to know ease

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You have questions about ease bookkeeping. We have answers.

Transforming the way you manage your business finances can sound intimidating and we know you’ve got some questions. We’ve answered some of your most frequently asked questions below:

What does ease do?

Ease is a modern way of managing your business finances. Our online platform allows you to handle accounts receivable and payable, manage payroll, and see your profit and loss, all in one place.

How does ease work?

Ease uses a combination of apps based on your unique needs to deliver the right solution for managing finances. The apps work with your systems and bank information.

You say ease is a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping platform. What does cloud-based mean?

Cloud-based means your information is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Under previous accounting systems, your information was likely stored on one computer or server and only accessible in the office.

How does ease integrate into my current business systems?

Our MNP team works with you to convert your business to the ease platform. Once you’re up and running, our onboarding team walks you through ease, showing you how it works and how to get the information you need. If you need help after onboarding, our team is available to support.

What apps does ease use?

We’ve established partnerships with a range of apps, including Xero, QuickBooks Online, ReceiptBank, and more. The apps we use depends on your business needs.

What does ease provide that my current bookkeeper doesn’t?

Ease is always working and manages your finances in real time. With automation, you can get the information you need faster than ever. Ease can also help you look ahead and develop plans for your business. With built-in projections and models that show how your decisions impact the business, you’ll be able to reach your goals and set new ones.

How are you protecting my information?

Security is critical to ease. The apps we use meet MNP’s rigid cyber security standards to ensure your information is safe.

What does an MNP advisor help me with?

With ease, you’ll know more about your business than ever. But information is only as good as your ability to understand it and put it into action. Our business advisors help you make sense of the information ease provides. We identify opportunities in the data and work alongside your team to create plans to accomplish your goals.

To request a free 30-minute ease consultation:

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