MNP Webinar: The B.C. Business Owner Presentation Series: Employee Share Ownership and Profit-Sharing Plans

November 26, 2020

MNP Webinar: The B.C. Business Owner Presentation Series: Employee Share Ownership and Profit-Sharing Plans

2 Minute Read

Explore the different types of employee share option plans and how they might benefit your business transition in MNP’s B.C. Business Owner Presentation.

You’ve put in a lot of effort to grow your business from start up to success story. But what happens when you start to think about what’s next?

Explore employee share ownership plans (ESOP) and other alternatives as you plan for the future. Many businesses are turning to ESOPs and / or profit-sharing plans as part of attracting and keeping top talent and their eventual transition strategy.

View the webinar and find out how well-designed plans can not only help focus employees on business goals, but also allow owners to create transferrable business value, while delivering the best possible benefit to employees.

MNP’s Eben Low, Regional Succession Leader, Fraser Valley and Brian Tolmie, Senior Manager, Succession Services discuss key factors, including:

  • Questions to consider
  • Available plan options
  • Components of a powerful plan
  • The valuation process

Watch Webinar:

Succession Services

A proper succession strategy can increase the value of your business, minimize risk and help secure the future for both you and the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

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