Your Agri-Business Transition Plan: Position Your Agri-business for Success

September 24, 2020

Your Agri-Business Transition Plan: Position Your Agri-business for Success

1 Minute Read

Our webinar walks you through key considerations for effectively transitioning your agri-business

Hosted by MNP

Thanks for your interest in our agri-business transition planning webinar. Our presenters will provide invaluable insight and strategies, in a Q & A format, to help you effectively position your operation for success.

You’ll learn more on:

  1. Defining qualified farm property: Presented by Adam Vervoort
  2. How to effectively prepare for transition: Presented by Larry Batte
  3. The tax tips and traps surrounding transitioning: Presented by Scott Assman
  4. Insights on future planning for your agri-business: Presented by Bob Tosh

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