MNPs Indigenous made holiday giveaway

December 03, 2021

MNPs Indigenous made holiday giveaway

We’re excited to announce our second annual holiday partnership with some amazing Indigenous brands to celebrate the power of Indigenous entrepreneurship. We have 12 incredible giveaways (including some very special items and adventures). For the past 40 years, we have invested significant time and resources developing and delivering practical solutions for Indigenous groups, including First Nations, Tribal Councils, organizations, and Indigenous community - or individual - owned businesses.

We are always looking for different avenues to amplify the breadth and richness of the Indigenous entrepreneurship community and this holiday season in no different. 12 grand prizes, each from brands that reflect the diversity and ingenuity of Indigenous businesses across the country.

When you support an Indigenous business, you’re supporting and preserving the creativity, heritages, families, and communities of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. Looking for more empowering gifts for your holiday gift giving? Check out our partners (+ a few more) below so you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!

Raven Reads

Category: literature subscription box

“Raven Reads was founded on the premise of raising awareness of our collective histories, lived experiences and supporting Indigenous authors and entrepreneurs.”

 - Nicole McLaren 

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Smudge the Blades

Category: apparel

“Hockey is good medicine and that’s where I got the idea for Smudge the Blades Apparel.”

- Harlan Kingfisher 

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Fireweed Artisan Boxes

Category: subscription box

“Our customers love the surprise of opening a box and finding amazing products. The bigger surprise for most people is our Fire Magazine that tells the stories of the maker and entrepreneurs who supply our boxes.”

- Jill Sauter

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Image of Fireweed's product

Drift Out West Flyfishing

Category: adventure

“Fly fishing on the spectacular Bow River or one of Alberta’s pristine mountain streams is a bucket list experience.”

- Quinn Soonias

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Image of people in a canoe on the lake

Indigo Arrows

Category: home textiles

“Reimagining the pottery and bone tool patterns of my ancestors for modern home decor.”

- Destiny Seymour

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Image of woman standing looking out at the water. Indigo Arrows logo overlaid on top of the image

Patrick Hunter Art and Design

Category: art and culture

“When you design from the heart of you, that’s what resonates with people.”

- Patrick Hunter

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Cheekbone Beauty

Category: sustainable beauty products

“Cheekbone’s aim is to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous youth through donations addressing the educational funding gap, and to create a space in the beauty industry where Indigenous youth feel represented and seen.”

- Jenn Harper 

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Cheekbone lipgloss

The Yukon Soaps Company

Category: hand-crafted soaps and oils

“Through my line of hand-crafted soaps, I work to embody elements of each of the special talents shared by my family and community.”

- Joella Hogan 

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Aurora Heat

Category: natural and reusable warmers

“Together, it is an honour to bring you our traditional way of keeping comfortable and warm. I promise you will love it!”

- Brenda Dragon 

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Image of Aurora Heat's product

Wabanaki Maple

Category: maple syrup

“Harvested, boiled, and refined with techniques dating back generations, our barrel-aged maple syrup is a taste of our land's cultural fabric.”

- Jolene Laskey 

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Kokom Scrunchies

Category: hair accessories

“My love for my culture has led me to starting Kokom Scrunchies. All Kokom scrunchies are handmade with love.”

- Mya Beaudry 

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Image of Kokum Scrunchies's product


Category: leather handbags and apparel

“SheNative exists to instill inner strength and unwavering confidence in all women, using teaching that come from Indigenous Nationhood.”

- Devon Fiddler  

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Mini Tipi

Category: women’s accessories

“Our designs are inspired not only by our lifestyles, but also by our proud Canadian and Indigenous heritage to develop a truly unique line of goods that are as practical and useful as they are stylish and beautifully made.”

- Trisha Pitura and Mélanie Bernard 

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Mini Tip team members

Mother Earth Essentials

Category: luxury bath and beauty products

“Mother Earth Essentials was founded in order to share the nature-inspired teachings rooted in the sacred plants of the Medicine Wheel.”

- Carrie Armstrong 

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Mother Earth Essentials product bottles

Sisters Sage

Category: Indigenous wellness products

“We both felt that it was important to start a business where we can create something to help others, showcase our culture in a positive way to share with the world, and gain financial independence.”

- Sisters, Lynn-Marie & Melissa-Rae Angus 

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Sisters Sage


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