Notice of Transition from Deloitte to MNP

MNP has now closed the deal to acquire a subset of Deloitte’s business in certain locations, which involves the provision of audit and tax services to small and medium sized enterprises.

MNP and Deloitte have been working together for the past several weeks to ensure the seamless transition of your business. Going forward, you can expect to continue working with many of the same team of professionals as you have in the past, as they have transitioned to MNP as part of the transaction.

As part of the transition process, all working files and other information related to your active files and certain historical information have been transferred to MNP. Please be assured that all confidential information (including personal information) previously provided to Deloitte will be kept confidential and protected in accordance with security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information and will only be accessed, used or disclosed by authorized MNP personnel for the same purpose for which the information was provided to Deloitte.

In the case of personal tax services, personal information provided to Deloitte about you and your family members or dependents, as applicable, has also been transferred to MNP in accordance with the abovementioned processes. To the extent you had appointed Deloitte as your authorized representative with CRA/Revenu Quebec, the existing professionals will continue to have access to your tax information on a temporary basis as a part of the transition.