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Our Commitment to the Mining Industry

Canada is one of the largest mining nations in the world, with nearly 20% of exports coming from the mining industry. With this level of potential, there’s profit to be had — but only for the most dynamic, adaptable mining businesses. From obtaining permits and forecasting fluctuations in commodity prices to keeping up with safety, land and pollution regulations, the mining industry is greatly impacted by a range of shifting factors.

We work with over 300 mining businesses across Canada and have an in-depth knowledge of the challenges you face, as well as the opportunities you should be seizing. Our tailored solutions are adaptable for whatever phase your business is in throughout the mining lifecycle — from exploration to remediation. We are at the forefront to ensure you are well-protected and well-positioned to reach your business goals.

Our Tailored Services for Mining Industry

Assurance and Accounting

Assurance and Accounting Services


We work closely with you to improve relationships and develop the strategies you need to keep your operation competitive and profitable.

Enterprise Risk

We help local and global mining companies identify, evaluate and manage risk. From conducting contract and procurement audits to developing policies, procedures and key controls, we pride ourselves in our sound, pragmatic approach to help protect your company’s people, reputation and assets.

Corporate Finance

From assistance with raising capital to providing advice on divestitures, MNP Corporate Finance can help take your operation to new heights. We offer support with due diligence, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and raising capital.


ExitSMART™ Services


Every monetary transaction you complete has direct or indirect tax consequences. We help you ensure compliance while minimizing the amount of tax you pay.

Valuation, Forensics and Litigation Support

We can help you fairly value your assets and mine lifespan, mitigate and resolve instances of fraud and provide litigation support that stands up to even the highest levels of scrutiny within the courts.




​​​​​​​​National in Scope, Lo​cal in Focus

MNP offers ​offices strategi​cally located in urban and rural centres throughout Canada.

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Knowledge Centre

Looking for more information on MNP’s Services? Go deeper by reading our thought leadership pieces, interacting with media and perusing brochures and fact sheets tailored to this industry.