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MNP Portal

Your information at your fingertips. Anytime, anywhere.

Introducing a brand-new way to manage your relationship with MNP

Secure, intuitive, and constantly improving: The MNP Portal is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to bring you convenient service and a seamless relationship with MNP. Now you can upload files, pay invoices, and review checklists of action steps required at any time and from any location that’s convenient for you.

  • Save Time and Stay Organized

    Review and manage all of the documents that you’ve sent to MNP, upload files or entire folders quickly and easily, and always know what documents are needed from your end. Upload all your files at once. No more combing through emails, tracking down action items, or duplicating efforts.

  • Centralize All Your Information

    Enjoy easy access to every file, insight, and recommendation from your Business Advisor across all of your business entities in one place at any time and from anywhere in the world.

  • Pay Online

    Use MNP’s new digital payment system available exclusively through the MNP Portal to seamlessly manage, track, archive, and close invoices. With one login, see all outstanding invoices across all the business entities you manage.

  • 360-Degree Communication

    Keep everyone on the same page by linking the right stakeholders to the right information, whether it’s across multiple business entities, or limited to specific MNP Services or your entire account. The MNP Portal ensures that the right people get the right information.

  • Industry Leading Security

    The platform is hosted on Microsoft’s highly secure Azure cloud service, and uses multi-factor authentication to protect your sensitive documents.

Ready to set up your account?

Getting started on the portal is easy: Simply contact your Business Advisor. They can get you up and running in minutes. They can also answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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