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Meet Luke Biles, Partner and Business Advisor, Private Enterprise

This article was previously published in Douglas Magazine Victoria.

A new Partner in MNP’s Victoria office, Luke is an entrepreneurial accountant who brings hands-on experience working with a successful startup. He prioritizes building relationships and connecting his clients with the people who can help them succeed.

What is your role with MNP?

My role as business advisor provides me with a lifestyle that I really enjoy; all day I am connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals. I find myself bridging connections within the firm but also externally. If I think two clients can help each other, I’ll get them together. I also enjoy creating networking events, which I have done most recently for the local cannabis industry, an exciting yet struggling sector full of passionate people.

How would you characterize your professional self?

I am entrepreneurial and love conquering the challenges that come with that. Before joining MNP, I was employee #4 at a start-up company that’s now publicly traded, so I know what it means to wear multiple hats and have to adapt quickly, because I lived it. Our work isn’t just about numbers; everything has to be considered. My empathy allows me to see things from my clients’ perspective, which helps me communicate in a way that ensures they are truly informed.

Luke Biles

To learn more about our Private Enterprise services and how MNP can help you, contact Luke Biles, CPA, CA, Partner, Private Enterprise.

Did you always want to become an accountant?

My dream job when I was a kid was robot inventor. I started my Bachelor of Commerce at Memorial University in Newfoundland and aced my first accounting course, so there was a natural fit.

What’s the common thread that runs through your clients?

My client base is diverse—the businesses you see on every corner of our community—so there’s lots of opportunity for working together. At the end of the day, they’re all people. They’re all living in the same dynamic, changing world, facing the same challenges, and everybody has something to offer.

What are your clients’ biggest challenges?

Labour, succession and technology solutions are key concerns for many local businesses right now. We spend a lot of time helping clients navigate through these processes and maximize the value of their businesses.

What’s the number one piece of advice you’re giving clients right now?

Engage in tax planning early to protect your business assets and stimulate growth and value for shareholders.

What do you do when not working?

I serve on the board of the Greater Victoria Housing Society. My partner and I were fortunate enough to acquire a home in Victoria, so we’re learning about everything that goes with that and enjoying the space with our rescue dog, Stella. I like dining out with friends, and I’m a Gamer with a capital G.

What is the best thing about living in Victoria?

The island reminds me so much of my home province of Newfoundland. But it’s the people that make it special. I click with them. These are my people and it’s been awesome.