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Executive Recruiting

To stay competitive, you need the right people.


In today's competitive business environment, attracting top talent to your organization is critical to your ongoing success. Across industries, organizations are finding that identifying quality candidates and marketing career opportunities can be intensive in time and resources.

Your hiring process should bring you results, that's where MNP steps in. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to develop and implement recruitment and selection process that's focused on results, delivering qualified individuals who will fit your culture and environment.

Career Opportunities

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We offer our clients:

We know that in the executive recruitment environment, building relationships that deliver qualified talent is what matters most. The longstanding nature of our relationships with many of our clients speaks to a consistency and quality of service that has satisfied, and continues to satisfy, their needs. It is because of these strong relationships that we can tap into a global network of contacts. High-quality candidates are hard to come by and the best leaders are usually already employed. Identifying, reaching and then building a relationship with the right talent is something that requires experience.

  • A trusted business advisor relationship.

    We work closely with you to understand the vision, strategies, goals and objectives of your organization.

  • Senior level resources dedicated to your search process.

    We understand the roles, requirements, expectations and accountabilities of senior level positions and have extensive experience working with executive and management level candidates.

  • An effective combination of local, regional, national and international sourcing that is targeted but widespread.

    Comprehensive research and sourcing is the core of our approach and is complemented by an extensive database and creative advertising methods that get results.

  • A highly effective position profile based on the clear identification and description of critical and desired knowledge, skills and behaviours.

    Our search process is based on what you need. The profile is an excellent marketing tool for your organization, the employment opportunity and the community where the individual will work and live.

  • Extensive and comprehensive assessment processes that ensure the right people are presented to you at each stage.

    This includes a comprehensive reference checking process on all finalist candidates with a minimum of three relevant business referees, and a 45-minute to one-hour discussion with each referee.

  • Strong engagement management and a comprehensive status reporting process.

    We will continuously update you through the process so you know what is happening at all times.

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At MNP, we leverage our extensive network of 4786 team members and 769 partners to help connect you to talented professionals with a vast range of skills and experience.

Our Team

Our team is composed of professionals with a successful track record in developing and implementing Executive Search services. The longstanding nature of our relationships with many of our clients speaks to unparalleled consistency and quality of service that has satisfied and continues to satisfy their needs.

We live, work, and are active participants in the communities we serve. Our highly- qualified human resource professionals have the experience and knowledge to be credible and work effectively with all levels of candidates in effectively representing your organization and its unique culture and opportunities with success.

At MNP, we have a team that is solely dedicated to undertaking executive search and are dedicated to recruiting talent at the time you need it most. This ensures your next leader will be our sole priority. We provide outstanding recruiting services for our clients as well as the expertise and knowledge that is essential to compete in today’s global marketplace.