H.I.S. Co. Ltd. has acquired Red Label Holdings Inc.


Entertainment and Recreation

H.I.S. Co. Ltd. has acquired Red Label Holdings Inc. MNP Corporate Finance Inc. acted as financial advisors and provided financial and tax due diligence services to H.I.S. Co. Ltd.

Transaction Brief

H.I.S. Co. Ltd. is a leading global travel services company. Founded in 1980 and based in Tokyo, Japan, H.I.S. Co. Ltd. operates a worldwide network of 230 branches in 141 cities abroad. It’s operations include its own airline, hotel chain and amusement parks.

In Canada, H.I.S. Co. Ltd. is the parent company of Merit Travel Group, which include Canadian brands such as Merit Travel, travelcuts, MeritBiz, Merit Loyalty and Exclusive Tours, as well as Jonview Canada Inc., which provides travel products and services to tour operators throughout Canada and in the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Brazil and Japan.

Red Label Holdings operates in the Canadian travel market, serving two distinct segments. The wholesale segment sells a full range of travel products (air, hotels, cars rentals, cruises) to retail travel agencies, while the retail segment sells travel products direct to consumers through various channels, including online travel agencies (redtag.ca and iTravel2000.com).