PFM Capital Inc.

PFM Capital Inc. has invested in TAM International LP.


Transportation and Warehousing

PFM Capital Inc. has invested in TAM International LP. MNP Corporate Finance Inc. provided financial due diligence services to PFM Capital Inc.

Transaction Brief

Founded in 2004 and based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with satellite offices in Whitby, Ontario; Vancouver, B.C.; Paducah, Kentucky; Chester, England and New Delhi, India, TAM International is a global freight forwarder focused on providing a full scope of logistics solutions for Class 7 and other specialized material around the world.   Other complementary services include: total project management, rental, sale and maintenance of equipment, warehousing and consulting services.

PFM Capital is Saskatchewan’s largest private equity investment manager with over $800 million in assets under management. PFM Capital’s investment will help position TAM International to continue to grow, while upholding its commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety and service.

The investment was made through PFM Capital's SaskWorks and APEX II funds in partnership with TAM International's senior management team.