Business Resilience

A disruption or crisis can have significant immediate and long-term impacts on your business. With financial, reputational and operational risks to consider, you need a strategic approach that goes beyond merely recovering specific processes or technologies.  

We help you develop business resilience strategies that allow you to respond quickly and appropriately in an emergency — and minimize the impacts of a disaster across your business structure. Our approach focuses on preparing you for a range of worst-case scenarios and ensuring you can maintain continuity of operations no matter what challenges you face.

Solutions for Your Success

Following are some of the ways MNP can help your organization anticipate a business interruption, quantify your losses, plan your recovery, and find a sustainable path forward.

  • Hazard Risk Vulnerability Assessments (HRVA)

    Identify your most concerning threats, vulnerabilities, and risks so you can plan appropriately and put the required risk mitigation measures in place.

  • Emergency Response Procedures

    Develop clear, concise procedures to protect the health and safety of customers and employees.  We’ll help develop comprehensive plans including floor warden programs, evacuation plans, disability evacuation, notification protocols, and assembly points.

  • Business Impact Analysis and Response Strategy Development

    Make your business more resilient by determining which business processes are time critical and need to be recovered quickly for your organization to remain viable. We help you understand your key processes, measure the potential impact of a loss, and prioritize resources to maintain continuity.

  • Crisis Management and Crisis Communication Planning

    Protect your brand, ensure continuity of operations, and maintain consumer confidence before, during and after a crisis. We’ll help you establish a comprehensive crisis management plan which outlines a clear chain of command, prepares you to effectively communicate with the media and your key stakeholders, and outlines critical steps and policies for everyone in your organization.

  • Partnership and Third-Party Risk

    Identify critical risks and build contingency plans into your third-party partnership and supply chain management processes. We help you prioritize key threats and establish effective processes that help you respond quickly to disruptions.

  • IT Disaster Recovery Planning

    Prepare your team to effectively recover IT systems and infrastructure in the event of a disruption. We conduct a series of facilitated workshops and assessments to help you understand key IT risks and build a customized plan that will assist you in responding quickly in a crisis.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Develop concise and practical plans and ensure your team can revive critical functions and processes in the event of a business disruption. We work with your team to create a tailored action plan to recover your operations and best serve your unique requirements.

  • Training, Exercise and Maintenance Programs

    Ensure your programs will work when you need them to. We conduct training and exercises to ensure your teams and plans are ready when a crisis or business disruption hits.


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    Contact Our Enterprise Risk Team

    Cliff Trollope

    Cliff Trollope CBCP, CRM, CAS, BA

    Partner, National Leader, Business Resilience Services

    Cliff Trollope, CBCP, CRM, CAS, is a Partner and MNP’s Business Resilience Practice Leader. With more than 20 years of experience helping clients with emergency response, business continuity, crisis management and physical security, Cliff delivers effective, efficient solutions to address the most complex business challenges.

    Working in diverse public and private sector environments, Cliff has led business continuity and emergency management projects for private companies and with all levels of government, post secondary education institutions and schools.

    Prior to joining MNP, Cliff was the senior manager of Business Continuity at a major Canadian insurance company. He was an officer in the Canadian Forces for 23 years, specializing in planning and crisis management operations. His background and leadership gives Cliff a unique ability to identify risks and challenges and tailor custom solutions to help clients mitigate risk and achieve strategic goals.

    Cliff holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master’s of Arts Degree (MA) in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. His professional certifications include Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) and Certified Anti-Terrorist Specialist (CAS). He is also a member of Disaster Recovery International, Disaster Recovery Information Exchange and the International Association of Emergency Managers.