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Family Legacy

You need support to set up the right framework to ensure your family legacy continues to thrive. We’ll help ensure your legacy continues to grow — both now and in the future. 

Transitioning your business is a complex process. You need support to align your family’s expectations and maintain harmony — no matter whether you’re transitioning ownership, management, or transferring wealth to the next generation.

Our advisors can help you navigate complex family dynamics and ensure your legacy continues to grow. We can help you establish a governance structure to minimize conflicts, provide guidance to ensure your estate planning will support your goals, or create a structure for your philanthropic efforts so that you have the framework you need to achieve success. This will help ensure your family’s history and values are communicated for generations to come.

What's your challenge?

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Maintain family harmony

Change can be difficult to navigate — and you need support to balance your family’s expectations and minimize conflicts throughout the transition process.

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Set up a successful framework

Your family may be transitioning into philanthropy — and needs help to determine the best structure to meet your goals.

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Align your goals

Wealth creates complexities, and you need help to ensure your estate planning will provide long-term financial security for your family.

How we help

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Family governance

You need an effective governance structure to navigate complex family dynamics during the transition process. We’ll help you set up a structure to minimize conflicts, align everyone’s expectations for the transition, and communicate transparently throughout the process.

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Philanthropy is a powerful way to rally your family members together around a shared vision for the future — no matter how active they are in your business. Our advisors can help you choose the philanthropic structure that works best for you to embody your family’s values.

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Estate planning

You need support to ensure your wealth achieves your goals for the future. Estate planning can help minimize the tax implications to your beneficiaries, eliminate conflicts with other documents such as your shareholders agreement, and distribute your assets according to your wishes.

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Take the ExitSMART™ assessment

You’ve worked hard to create a successful organization. Are you building a plan to get the most out of what you’ve built?

Find out if your succession planning is on the right track with our ExitSMART™ assessment tool.

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During succession planning, there are many questions that need to be answered. Important questions that ensure you transition your farm on your terms.

Taking the TransitionSMART assessment is a fast and easy way to begin answering your questions.

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Now that you’ve progressed into the mature practice stage of the professional lifecycle, it’s time to check in and determine whether you’re prepared for what comes next

SMARTPro can help you self-assess the current state of your practice and develop a roadmap for the years ahead.

How we help you succeed

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A successful business was established decades ago — and several of the founder’s children and grandchildren still worked within the business while others pursued different careers. The family members who pursued different careers felt disconnected from the family legacy. Additionally, the founder felt like he had nowhere to focus his attention after he stepped down from a less active role in the business. 


The family decided to establish a philanthropic foundation to bring everybody together and work toward a common vision. However, they needed support to set up a structure that would help them achieve success and find a goal that they all would agree to support.


Our advisors sat down with the family to help them determine which framework would best meet their needs. They decided to set up a family foundation to support their philanthropic goals — and it helped them work together toward a common vision.

The children and grandchildren who did not work in the business felt more connected with their family history and legacy. Additionally, the founder was able to feel more involved in the business through their philanthropic efforts, which gave him a renewed sense of purpose.

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