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Financial Roadmap

Your business, your wealth, and your family’s goals are constantly evolving. We’ll help ensure your wealth is working to support your family and your plans for the future.  

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business, and you want to ensure the wealth you’ve created will support your plans for the future. However, your wealth picture is complex and constantly evolving, and developing a financial roadmap can help you reduce uncertainty, simplify complexities, and provide the clarity you need to achieve your goals.

Our advisors can help you understand what you own and how you can expect it to perform in the future. We’ll assess your plans to determine if they will support your financial goals, help you mitigate risks, and estimate the return on your investments to ensure your wealth is sustainable. Our team will work together with your advisors to ensure that your wealth will get you from where you are today to wherever you want to go next.

What's your challenge?

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Reduce uncertainty

The economic landscape is constantly changing — and you need support to understand how factors such as inflation or high interest rates will impact your wealth.

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Simplify complexity

Wealth creates complexity, and you need help to understand how you can expect your investments to perform in the future to ensure your wealth is sustainable. 

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Provide a roadmap

Your balance sheet is constantly evolving — and so are the needs of your family. You need to assess your goals and determine if you have the right resources to achieve them. 

How we help

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Financial modeling

You need to ensure you’ve made the right investments to reach your goals. Our advisors can perform a financial analysis and stress testing on your investments to ensure you receive the returns you need to stay on track through unpredictable economic headwinds.

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Wealth strategy

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business and you need a plan to help optimize your wealth. We can provide support by analyzing your cash flow, developing tax planning strategies, and creating a roadmap to ensure your wealth is working toward your success.  

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Risk management

You need to take the right steps to ensure you mitigate risks on the path toward your future. Our advisors can assess your financial risks and develop a strategy to help you manage threats through methods such as diversifying your investments or identifying gaps in your insurance coverage. 

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Take the ExitSMART™ assessment

You’ve worked hard to create a successful organization. Are you building a plan to get the most out of what you’ve built?

Find out if your succession planning is on the right track with our ExitSMART™ assessment tool.

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During succession planning, there are many questions that need to be answered. Important questions that ensure you transition your farm on your terms.

Taking the TransitionSMART™ assessment is a fast and easy way to begin answering your questions.

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Now that you’ve progressed into the mature practice stage of the professional lifecycle, it’s time to check in and determine whether you’re prepared for what comes next.

SMARTPro can help you self-assess the current state of your practice and develop a roadmap for the years ahead.

How we help you succeed

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A couple had recently sold their food and beverage business — and expected to receive proceeds from the sale over the next four years. They intended to retire during this time, and their son and daughter would both be attending post-secondary school.


The couple needed a roadmap to effectively work with complex moving pieces such as personal assets, their family trust, and post-sale proceeds. This would help fund their children’s education as well as their retirement. 


Our advisors were able to work closely with the couple’s accountant and tax team to put together an effective financial roadmap to support the family’s goals for the future. The couple decided to purchase property near the university that their son was attending to generate rental income. Additionally, they made strategic use of their post-sale proceeds and family trust assets to fund their daughter’s education in the United States.

Our team also mapped out how each asset in the family would tax-effectively fund the couple’s goals for their retirement. This strategy prioritized sustainability and considered variables such as financial market outcomes.

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