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Rahim Rajan is discovering opportunities to grow at MNP

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A commitment to always learning and growing is one of the surest paths to happiness. Rahim feels MNP’s mid-market focus has greatly broadened his knowledge. Getting to work on a variety of assignments and with clients from a variety of industries is one of the aspects he values most about his role.

Rahim credits the ability to specialize with the Public Companies team, plus his ability to learn and lean on a knowledgeable technical team have been invaluable to his growth and success.

Just as important, his ability to depend on the right tools and resources allow him to excel without missing out on the work-life balance he needs to get out and recharge in nature.

Rahim has taken MNP’s commitment to career growth and development to heart and found ways to make learning a lifelong pursuit — and you can, too. 

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