Aerial view of a farm across the prairies.

Ag Across Canada — new video series from MNP

Get an inside look at the real the stories, challenges, and triumphs of farmers all across Canada.

In celebration of Canada’s 2023 Agriculture Day, MNP is proud to announce the launch of their new video series: Ag Across Canada. The purpose of this video series is to shine a light on the hardworking people in Canadian farming and agriculture, who work tirelessly to ensure Canadians have access to some of the world’s highest-quality food products, grown locally.

The video series is designed to be informative, laying out the challenges and opportunities farmers encounter, as well as what financial information and business practices they’ve used to help ensure their continued success. It contains 12 unique stories of diverse agriculture operations across Canada — from a cherry orchard in British Columbia, to grain farms in the prairie provinces, to dairy farms in Quebec.

The stories in Ag Across Canada are told by both MNP clients and partners, each sharing their own unique perspectives on how to help agriculture thrive. Our partners who specialize in agriculture are not afraid to get their hands dirty and provide on-site support for their clients. In fact, many of them run farming operations of their own.

Watch the inspiring and informative stories in the Ag Across Canada series.

Harvesting Success: How MNP has Helped Antler Valley Farm Expand Across Central Alberta

Cultivating Confidence: MNP's Vineyard Accounting Expertise Helps Farmers Thrive

Passing the Torch and the Tractor: An Advisor's Guide to Farm Succession Planning

Risk Management on the Cherry Farm: Picking the Right Numbers with Your Advisor

Managing the Books and the Herd - An Accountant's Guide to Balancing Risk on the Farm

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