Financial graphs overlaid on top of a farmers field

MNP’s Profit 360

Financial modeling and forecasting service for agriculture

Leverage your financial data faster

As a farmer, you’re constantly making decisions that will impact the big picture of your business, and you make those decisions based on your current financial realities — cash flow, working capital, debt, and more. It’s natural for you to want to wait until your financial statements arrive — several months after harvest — before you make any of those big decisions and plan for the future. But what if there was a better way?

Profit 360 allows you to gather the best possible data during harvest, and present it in a format similar to your April financial statements, months before they actually arrive. Armed with knowledge about the financial health of your farm, you have the advantage of making real-time decisions that will improve your profitability and sustainability.

How Profit 360 makes a difference

Secure the confidence of your lenders, as well as your own peace of mind and agility, as you consider your farm’s financial future.

  • Which crops to plant
  • When and how to upgrade your equipment
  • When and how to transition ownership of the farm to the next generation
  • Whether to expand and purchase more land
  • When to take on debt, how much, and what kind

An advisor at every step

With Profit 360, you don’t just receive a template or a tool, you get the benefit of MNP’s leading Farm Management Consultants to support you. Our team will:

  • Help you determine what data you can access at all stages of your annual cycle

  • Build a customized financial tool and dashboard on your behalf

  • Provide continuous support during the system’s implementation, and answer any questions, so you can be self-sufficient in its use

Complimentary 30-minute consultation

Want to learn more? Complete the form below and a Farm Management Consultant will contact you regarding our Profit 360 service in your area.


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Contact our Farm Management Team

Shannon Lueke PAg

Partner and Farm Management Consultant

Shannon Lueke, PAg., is a Partner and Farm Management Consultant with MNP’s Agriculture Services group in the North Saskatchewan Region. Working with producers, agri-business, government and other agricultural agencies, Shannon delivers advice and solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation and goals.

Shannon draws on more than 15 years of experience to develop and implement solutions to the wide range of issues that today’s farmers face. She assists with strategic planning, financial management, succession planning, production economics and human resources and connects clients with the firm’s broad-based expertise when they are experiencing specific challenges.

Shannon is a designated Professional Agrologist (PAg.).