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Credit Union Women in Leadership

Spotlighting the women leading the Credit Union industry.

Meet the women who are making a difference in the Credit Union industry across Canada.

Join us for a series of inspiring stories where you’ll discover their incredible achievements, challenges, and unique contributions to the field. We also feature perspectives from MNP female leaders who work closely with credit unions as advisors.

Recent videos

Mirren Harris, VP, Education & Professional Development, Canadian Credit Union Association (Part 2)

Enjoy the second part of this interview, as Mirren Harris reflects on her 20 years in the credit union space. She shares her biggest triumphs, her takeaways on the evolution of the sector, and the importance of a learning mindset. And before signing off, she leaves us with invaluable advice for burgeoning women leaders.

Amanda Peters, CFO, Steinbach Credit Union (Part 2)

According to Amanda Peters, having a mentor who supports and challenges you is valuable at any stage in your career. Join us for part two of our discussion to explore the significance of mentorship and encourage young women to embrace their voices fearlessly.

Denise Gigova, Partner, Enterprise Transformation, MNP Digital (Part 2)

In part two of our conversation with Denise Gigova, we discover how she overcomes challenges as an immigrant and woman in a male-dominated field. Plus, fresh insights into her vision for credit unions in supporting immigrants and invaluable advice for aspiring female leaders.

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