Credit Union Women in Leadership
Group of female business leaders.

Credit Union Women in Leadership

Spotlighting the women leading the Credit Union industry.

Meet the women who are making a difference in the Credit Union industry across Canada.

Join us for a series of inspiring stories where you’ll discover their incredible achievements, challenges, and unique contributions to the field. We also feature perspectives from MNP female leaders who work closely with credit unions as advisors.

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Kendra Holland, Chief Merger Officer, ConnectFirst Credit Union (Part 1)

Kendra shares her experience functioning in several capacities such as interim Chief Executive Officer and the significance of her current role in light of an impending merger.

Jay-Ann Gilfoy, CEO, Meridian Credit Union (Part 2)

In Part 2 of her interview, Jay-Ann discusses her journey from leading a Human Resource team to her current role, and how she navigated this path despite the complexities of people and change management.

Christine Bergeron, President and CEO, Vancity (Part 1)

Christine highlights the evolution that has taken place which now allows women to lead on their terms, and balance motherhood with their career. She believes that women can achieve great success by being open, transparent, and empathetic in their professional pursuits.

Celina Philpot, CEO, Conexus Credit Union (Part 1)

Celina discusses her professional journey from her start as a summer student at a local credit union when she was 19 to her travels through marketing, sales, and operations functions en route to the top job.

Christine Tucker, CFO, Synergy Credit Union (Part 1)

Christine talks about her career trajectory in the industry spanning over 24 years, her motivation to succeed, and the increased representation of women in leadership positions within the industry in recent years.

Jay-Ann Gilfoy, CEO, Meridian Credit Union (Part 1)

Jay-Ann shares insights from her 20-year career as a senior executive, discusses the women who have influenced her, and talks about her hopes for the future of women in leadership.