Training Solutions

We help Indigenous leaders, businesses and communities reach their full potential with a diverse range of training solutions designed to enhance performance and improve decision-making. Our experienced team of consultants can help with everything from management training to business plan development and networking support.

We ensure you receive the practical, relevant and customized insights and skills you require. With more than 60 different programs tailored to your specific needs and unique learning styles, we will help you build your skills and improve business outcomes — no matter your industry, personal or professional goals.

Solutions for Your Success

  • Sector-specific training

    With a comprehensive background in a wide range of industries and business units, we offer several customizable sector-specific training programs geared towards Indigenous organizations who want to learn more about agriculture, real estate and construction, energy, professional services and more. 

  • Self employment program

    We help Indigenous entrepreneurs develop the business and management skills, strategic knowledge and vision planning required to conceive, finance and launch and operate a new business.

  • Business skills

    Management: Through customized and organization-specific coaching, we help Indigenous leaders develop the hard and soft skills required to run and manage business units effectively and efficiently. Entrepreneurship: With personalized, face-to-face group work, we offer the strategic and tactical insights required to launch, grow and mature a new business. Project Management: During this intensive two-day workshop, we deliver insights into the nature of project work, key techniques for effective project management and practice simulations to build project management skills. 

  • Finance

    Financial Fluency: We break down financial statements to help leaders and practitioners gain better insights and translate numbers into meaning for a community or organization. Budgeting: We go beyond the ledger to highlight what a budget represents, why it's important and how to create an effective and sustainable balance sheet. Bookkeeping for Community Employees: Accredited with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, this intensive training program provides community members with the skills and credentials they need to financially manage an Indigenous Community. 

  • Career Skills

    Security Guard: This comprehensive five-week workshop provides the hands-on skills, insights and licensing required to work as a security professional. Bookkeeping: Accredited with the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, this intensive training program provides community members with the skills and credentials they need to financially manage a business. Career Personal Development: Focusing on self-sustainment, accountability and personal wellbeing, we help young Indigenous peoples understand their skills, identify career paths and take a leading role in their professional success. 

  • Working with industry

    Contractor Readiness: We prepare Indigenous contractor businesses to win contracts with resource developers by focusing on business requirements, safety protocols and how to initiate and complete the job effectively. Business Bootcamp: Through this intensive one-week immersive course, we help Indigenous business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs understand how to operate a business effectively. 

  • Other

    New Community Onboarding: We prepare new community council members and managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to further the operations and economic development and planning of their communities. Credit Union Training: We help Indigenous leaders and business owners improve their financial literacy and business acumen, discover growth opportunities and learn how to build better and more productive relationships with their banking partners. 


    • April 18, 2023

      Bill C-92 is before the Supreme Court of Canada, where does this leave First Nations?

      MNP has partnered with MLT Aikins to summarize Bill C-92, highlight the current constitutional challenges facing legislation, and provide an overview of the practical considerations for Indigenous communities who are considering creating their own child and family services legislation.

    • Performance

      February 28, 2023

      Solving Human Resource Challenges

      First Nations face several unique human resource challenges that can be managed by taking decisive steps and getting external help.

    • Progress

      January 04, 2023

      How urban Reserves support local business and municipal economies

      Explore the concept of Indigenous urban Reserves — what they are, why they exist, and how they impact the local municipality and economic scene.

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